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[. . . ] WARNING: TO PREVENT FIRE OR ELECTRIC SHOCK HAZARD, DO NOT EXPOSE THIS PRODUCT TO RAIN OR MOISTURE. WARNING: Do not install this equipment in a confined space such as a book case or similar unit. CAUTION: Do not block any ventilation openings. Slots and openings in the cabinet are provided for ventilation and to ensure reliable operation of the product and to protect it from over heating. The openings shall be never be blocked by placing the product on a bed, sofa, rug or other similar surface. [. . . ] [Delete] ­ Enter the 4-digit password and press ENTER to delete the password. Tip: If you make a mistake before pressing ENTER, press b to delete a number one by one. 24 BD370-P-BGBRLLK-ENG 3/31/09 11:18 AM Page 25 If you forget your password If you forget your password, you can clear it using the following steps: 1 Remove any disc that might be in the player. The password is cleared. Rating Blocks playback of rated disc based on their content. (Not all discs are rated. ) [Rating 1-8] ­ Rating one (1) has the most restrictions and rating eight (8) is the least restrictive. [Unlock] ­ If you select unlock, parental control is not active and the disc plays in full. [0-254] ­ Prohibits play of BD-ROM with corresponding ratings recorded on them. Area Code Enter the code of the area whose standards were used to rate the DVD video disc, based on the list on page 43. 25 BD370-P-BGBRLLK-ENG 3/31/09 11:18 AM Page 26 [NETWORK] Menu The [NETWORK] settings are needed to use the software update, BD Live and YouTube features. Some BD-ROM discs may enable you to access special BD-ROM sites, if you connect the player to the Internet. For example, if a BD-ROM site includes content such as links to future movie trailers, you can watch the downloaded on-line content on the player. Preparations: · This feature requires an always-on broadband internet connection. (see page 18-19. ) · A BD-ROM disc compatible with this feature is required. Initialize You can reset the player to its original factory settings or initialize the BD storage. [Factory Set] ­ If you need to, you can reset the player to all its factory settings. (Rating, Password and Area Code, etc. ) [BD Storage Clear] ­ Initializes the BD contents from the connected USB Flash Drive. 27 BD370-P-BGBRLLK-ENG 3/31/09 11:18 AM Page 28 Play a disc ON REMOTE 1 Open the disc tray: 2 Insert a disc: 3 Close the disc tray: 4 Adjust the disc menu settings: A disc menu may not appear on the screen depending on the disc. 5 Starts playback: 6 Stops playback: Notes: · When you turn on the player or replace a disc, the player returns to the initial default setting. Depending on the disc, a specific type of audio that the disc has is output. Depending on the pre-recorded contents of the BD-ROM, some functions may not be available or may be operated differently than other media. Z OPEN/CLOSE (Z) Z OPEN/CLOSE (Z) v V b B, ENTER Resume playback BD DVD AVCHD DivX During playback, press STOP (x) to stop playback. If you press STOP (x) again or unload the disc ("x" appears on the screen. ), the unit will clear the stopped point. (Xx = Resume Stop, x = Complete Stop) Notes: · The resume point may be cleared when a button is pressed (for example; POWER, OPEN/CLOSE, etc). · On BD-Video discs including BD-J, the resume play function does not work. · On BD-ROM interactive title, the unit will be in Complete Stop mode if you press STOP once during playback. N PLAY (N) x STOP (x ) Pause a playback ALL During playback, press PAUSE (X) to pause playback. [. . . ] LG EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ANY RESPONSIBILITY OR LIABILITY FOR ANY INTERRUPTION OR SUSPENSION OF ANY NETWORK SERVICE. LG shall be neither responsible nor liable for customer service related to the Network Services. Any question or request should be made directly to the respective Network Service providers. "Network Service(s)" means the third party services accessible through this product including but not limited to all data, software, links, messages, video and other content found thereon or used in connection therewith. [. . . ]


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