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[. . . ] T •  he manufacturer can not be responsible for problems caused by ignoring these safety and caution instructions. •  o not use the dishwasher for industrial and D commercial use, or other purpose. •  he appliance is not intended for use by young T children or infirm persons without supervision. •  heck packaging and dishwasher immediately C for signs of transport damage. [. . . ] Once you have filled with salt you must run the Quick course immediately to remove salt and salt water around the tub in order to prevent corrosion. •  Before using your dishwasher for the first time, it is necessary to Pour 1. 5kg of salt and 1 litre of water in to the container. Use a funnel for ease and clean filling, ensuring that coarse salt or regenerating salt intended for dishwashers is used. •  fter filling, wipe off any spilled salt to seal the cap properly. A •  crew the cap tightly to prevent any suds from penetrating into S the container. Step 4. Adding Rinse Aid ■For filling  To fill the Rinse Aid chamber, push the rinse aid button. Fill the container to the maximum level with a good quality Rinse Aid, then close the cap. The Rinse Aid is automatically dispensed during the final rinse cycle. If, after washing, you notice cloudy spots, streaks or water marks on your glassware, it may be necessary to increase the setting. To do this, remove the cap and rotate the indicator arrow to a higher setting then replace the cap . If the glass is smeared or foam is present on the bottom of the glass or the bottom of the machine, select a lower setting. 16 I NFORMATION FOR ENERGY TEST (EN50242) ■ ppliance loaded in accordance with A standard specifications. Fold down the back side rows of tines to load pots. Plates should be positioned upwards with the plate bottom facing the front of the rack. Cups, glasses and bowls must be positioned upside down. 21 H OW TO USE AND OPERATE A  djusting the height of the upper rack The height of the upper rack can be adjusted when you load glasses with long stems or tall crockery items. Take care not to obstruct the rotation of the spray arm under the upper rack. • Move the upper rack to the lower  position To make it easier to load larger cups or glasses, the left side row of tines can be folded down. For the upper rack’s position, dishes shouldn’t be larger than 25cm with the upper position, nor 20cm with the lower position. How to fold down Pull up the levers on either side of the rack. • Move to upper position • Pull up the tine • Rotate the tine Lift the rack upward. Long stem glassware can be placed without interference from the lowered tines. There is a 45mm gain in height when the upper rack is moved to the lower position. 45mm The cup racks can be folded up out of the way for tall crockery items. After adjusting the rack levels, check that the spray arms are free to rotate. Before adjusting, ensure the rack is empty of all crockery. With the lower position of the upper rack, check if the bottom part of upper rack including spray arm is not disturbing items on the lower rack. When the upper rack is in the lower position, push in the upper rack first, and the lower rack later. (Pull out the lower rack first, and the upper rack later. ) 22 WARNING H OW TO USE AND OPERATE 5. Adding Detergent  •  etergent must be put into the detergent D chamber before starting every programme. •  lease follow the manufacturer’s instructions P within the manual, when determining the correct amount of detergent to use. •  f your dishes are moderately dirty, you may I use slightly less detergent than recommended. Please refer to the guide table. PROGRAMME Quick & Dry Quick Eco Auto Steam Care Steam Dual Spray Steam Power AMOUNT OF DETERGENT (Onto the door) Push button to open Pre-wash 5g 5g 5g - (Dispenser) Main-wash 20g 10g 35g 30g 20g 30g 35g Place proper detergent into this compartment •  he detergent is dispensed automatically T during the operation. •  he chamber lid remains open after T operation. Detergent Information Use only the detergent intended for household dishwashers. [. . . ] When power is returned, and a button is pushed, this will display for 10 seconds and then go away. This cycle runs for a further 60 minutes after the course has finished. This function is used to lock or unlock the control buttons to prevent all the settings from being changed by a child. When the unit is displaying F, the sensor is measuring the water clarity. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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