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[. . . ] 23 Conseils lorsque la puissance d'aspiration diminue 3 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Read and follow all instructions before using your vacuum cleaner to prevent the risk of fire, electric shock, personal injury, or damage when using the vacuum cleaner. Always contact your service agent or manufacturer about problems that you do not understand. This appliance complies with the following EC Directives :-2006/95/EC Low Voltage Directive -2004/108/EC EMC Directive. This symbol alerts you to potential hazards that can kill or hurt you and others. [. . . ] If the vacuum cleaner suddenly shuts off, turn off the switch and unplug the vacuum cleaner. Check the vacuum cleaner for possible source of overheating such as a full dust tank, a blocked hose or clogged filter. If these conditions are found, fix them and wait at least 30 minutes before attempting to use the vacuum cleaner. After the 30 minute period, plug the vacuum cleaner back in and turn on the switch. If the vacuum cleaner still does not run, contact a qualified electrician. 7 How to use Assembling vacuum cleaner Utilisation Assemblage de l'aspirateur Spring latch Bague de réglage Hose Handle Poignée Transmitting sensor Capteur émetteur Telescopic pipe Tube télescopique Methods for attachment and detachment of vacuum. marche à suivre pour monter et démonter l'aspirateur. (depend on model) (selon le modèle) (depend on model) (selon le modèle) (depend on model) (selon le modèle) ➊  arpet and floor nozzle(depend on model) C Brosse sols durs et moquette(selon le modèle) Push the nozzle into the telescopic pipe. Attachment Point Point d'attache ➌  onnecting the hose to the vacuum cleaner C Raccordement du flexible à l'aspirateur Push the fitting pipe on the flexible hose into the attachment point on the vacuum cleaner. To remove the flexible hose from the vacuum cleaner, press the button situated on the fitting pipe, then pull the fitting pipe out of the vacuum cleaner. 9 How to use Operating vacuum cleaner Utilisation Fonctionnement de l'aspirateur Press the button to conveniently reel in cord. 12 How to use Using all floor nozzle Utilisation Utilisation de la brosse Turbo-combi 3 Carpet Moquette Pedal Pédale Floor Sol dur ➌  ll floor nozzle(depend on model) A Brosse Turbo-combi(selon le modèle) •  he 2 position nozzle T This is equipped with a pedal which allows you to alter its position according to the type of floor to be cleaned. €  arpet or rug position C ), then brush is will rotate Press the pedal ( •  ard floor position H Press the pedal ( ), then brush will stop rotating •  rosse Turbo-combi B Elle est munie d'une pédale qui vous permet de modifier sa position en fonction du type de sol à nettoyer. Appuyez sur la pédale ( •  leaning all floor nozzle C •  ettoyage de la brosse Turbo-combi N •  pen the cover by pulling the hook. o •  uvrez le capot en tirant sur l'ergot O prévu à cet effet. 13 How to use Cleaning all floor nozzle Turn off the vacuum cleaner before clean the nozzle. O D  o not touch the brush because the brush is so hot after turning off the vacuum cleaner. ž  ush the brush into the P projection, put down the brush and close the cover. €  o not block up the hole by hand or another object (paper, fabric, D stockings, etc) when open the cover. CAUTION, ATTENTION 14 How to use Using the accessory nozzles Utilisation Utilisation des accessoires Upholstery nozzle Accessoire 2 en 1 (canapé) Dusting brush Accessoire 2 en 1 (meubles) Crevice tool Suceur long 4 5 6 ➍ Upholstery nozzle(depend on model) ➎ Dusting brush(depend on model)   ➏ Crevice tool(depend on model)  Accessoire 2 en 1(canapé)(selon le modèle) Accessoire 2 en 1(meubles)(selon le modèle) Suceur long(selon le modèle) Upholstery nozzle is for vacuuming upholstery, mattresses, etc. en position canapé , l'accessoire 2 en 1 sert à nettoyer les tissus d'ameublement , matelas , etc. Push the button Appuyez sur le bouton Dusting brush is for vacuuming picture frames, furniture frames, books and other irregular surfaces. [. . . ] Air filter and motor safety filter are located at the up of vacuum cleaner in the above figure. €  pen the guide cover by pulling the guide cover lever and remove the dust. O 19 How to use Cleaning air filter and motor safety filter Utilisation Nettoyage du filtre à air et du filtre de sécurité moteur Open the Pre-filter cover. retirez le filtre à air et le filtre de sécurité moteur. [. . . ]


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