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[. . . ] Therefore, NEVER: Block the bottom ventilation slots by placing the display on a bed, sofa, rug, etc. Place the display in a built-in enclosure unless proper ventilation is provided. Do not rub or strike the Active Matrix LCD with anything hard as this may scratch, mar, or damage the Active Matrix LCD permanently. Do not press the LCD screen with your finger for a long time as this may cause some afterimages. [. . . ] Once assembled take the monitor up carefully and face the front side Stand Body Stand Base Important This illustration depicts the general model of connection. The product may fall and get damaged or injure your foot. A4 Connecting the Display Disassembling the stand Type. Separate the stand using a screwdriver as shown in the picture. Note: Please keep the 4 screws in an accessible place for future use. 5. Pack up the product as shown in the picture. A5 Connecting the Display Disassembling the stand Type. Place the monitor face Down on the cushion or soft cloth. 3. Change your hold on the product as it follows and turn the Stand Base in the arrow direction. 4. Pack up the product as shown in the picture. A6 Connecting the Display Before setting up the monitor, ensure that the power to the monitor, the computer system, and other attached devices is turned off. Positioning your display 1. Adjust the position of the panel in various ways for maximum comfort. Tilt Range : -5˚~20˚ 20 Swivel : 355˚ Ergonomic It is recommended that in order to maintain an ergonomic and comfortable viewing position, the forward tilt angle of the monitor should not exceed 5 degrees. A7 Connecting the Display Using the Computer 1. Make sure to turn off the computer and product. A Connect DVI Cable B Connect Dsub Cable (PC) C Connect Dsub Cable (Mac) Analog signal Digital signal D-sub DVI Power Cord Wall-outlet type PC PC-outlet type PC DVI-D(This feature is not available in all countries. ) PC MAC Mac adapter For Apple Macintosh use, a separate plug adapter is needed to change the 15 pin high density (3 row) D-sub VGA connector on the supplied cable to a 15 pin 2 row connector. 2. When monitor power is turned on, the 'Self Image Setting Function' is executed automatically. This function provides the user with optimal display settings. When the user connects the monitor for the first time, this function automatically adjusts the display to optimal settings for individual input signals. If you want to adjust the monitor while in use, or wish to manually run this function once again, push the ‘AUTO/SET’ button on the front panel of the monitor. To move image up and down. MENU : Exit - : Decrease + : Increase SET : Select another sub-menu A15 On Screen Display(OSD) Selection and Adjustment Main menu Sub menu Description TRACKING TRACKING CLOCK To minimize any vertical bars or stripes visible on the screen background. This item allows you to remove any horizontal noise and clear or sharpen the image of characters. PHASE MENU : Exit - : Decrease + : Increase SHARPNESS To adjust the clearness of the screen. SET : Select another sub-menu SETUP SETUP LANGUAGE OSD POSITION WHITE BALANCE To choose the language in which the control names are displayed. If the output of the video card is different the required specifications, the color level may deteriorate due to video signal distortion. NORMAL This is under normal operating conditions. A17 Troubleshooting Check the following before calling for service. No image appears ● Is the power cord of the • Check and see if the power cord is connected properly to the power outlet. • Press the Power button. ● Is the power on and the • Adjust the brightness and the contrast. • If the display is in power saving mode, try moving the mouse or pressing any key on the keyboard to bring up the screen. • Try to turn on the PC. ● Do you see an "OUT OF • This message appears when the signal from the PC (video card) is out of horizontal or vertical RANGE" message on frequency range of the display. 'Specifications' section of this manual and configure your display again. ● Do you see a "CHECK SIGNAL CABLE" message on the screen?• This message appears when the signal cable between your PC and your display is not connected. [. . . ] In this case, please ask to the computer or the video card manufacturer. A19 Troubleshooting Display image is incorrect ● The screen color is mono or abnormal. • Check if the signal cable is properly connected and use a screwdriver to fasten if necessary. • Set the color setting higher than 24 bits (true color) at Control Panel - Settings. • Check if the screen is set to interlace mode and if yes, change it to the recommend resolution. [. . . ]


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