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[. . . ] Model Description Model name 2nd, 3rd Suffix : : LB45-Z EU Brand name Product name : : LG LB4500 Part number (Revision number) : MFL68024514 (1402-REV01) 2. Number of pages : : : : : Uncoated, wood-free paper 150 g/㎡ Uncoated, wood-free paper 60 g/㎡ Perfect binding ENG/GER/FRA/ITA/SPA/POR/NED/GRK/SLN (9) 228 : : 1 Color (Black) 1 Color (Black) : 148 mm x 210 mm (A5) “This part contains Eco-hazardous substances (Pb, Cd, Hg, Cr6+, PBB, PBDE, etc. ) within LG standard level, N O T E Details should be followed Eco-SCM management standard[LG(56)-A-2524]. Especially, Part should be followed and controlled the following specification. [. . . ] ENGLISH ENG Power Off Volume Control Programmes Control NOTE yy When your finger over the joystick button and push it to the up, down, left or right, be careful not to press the joystick button. If you press the joystick button first, you can not adjust the volume level and saved programmes. Adjusting the Menu When the TV is turned on, press the joystick button one time. You can adjust the Menu items ( , TV Off Settings Close Input List Turns the power off. ASSEMBLING AND PREPARING 13 Lifting and moving the TV Please note the following advice to prevent the TV from being scratched or damaged and for safe transportation regardless of its type and size. Yy When transporting the TV by hand, hold the TV as shown in the following illustration. ENGLISH ENG CAUTION yy Avoid touching the screen at all times, as this may result in damage to the screen. Yy It is recommended to move the TV in the box or packing material that the TV originally came in. Yy Before moving or lifting the TV, disconnect the power cord and all cables. Yy When holding the TV, the screen should face away from you to avoid damage. Yy When handling the TV, be careful not to damage the protruding joystick button. Yy When transporting the TV, do not expose the TV to jolts or excessive vibration. Yy When transporting the TV, keep the TV upright, never turn the TV on its side or tilt towards the left or right. Yy Do not apply excessive pressure to cause flexing /bending of frame chassis as it may damage screen. Make sure not to hold the transparent part, speaker, or speaker grill area. 14 ASSEMBLING AND PREPARING Mounting on a table 1 Lift and tilt the TV into its upright position on a table. --  eave a 10 cm (minimum) space from the L wall for proper ventilation. Securing the TV to a wall (This feature is not available for all models. ) ENGLISH ENG 10 cm 10 cm 10 c m 10 cm 2 Connect the power cord to a wall outlet. 1 CAUTION yy Do not place the TV near or on sources of heat, as this may result in fire or other damage. 2 3 Insert and tighten the eye-bolts, or TV brackets and bolts on the back of the TV. -- If there are bolts inserted at the eye-bolts position, remove the bolts first. [. . . ] Through these activities, LG seeks to contribute to conserving natural resources and protecting the environment. For more information about the LG Recycling Policy, please visit our global site at http://www. Com/global/sustainability/environment/take-back-recycling Energy Saving Energy efficiency cuts energy consumption and thus saves money by reducing electricity bills. The following indications allow to reduce power consumption when the television is not being watched: yy Turning the television off at its mains supply, or un-plugging it, will cut energy use to zero for all televisions, and is recommended when the television is not being used for a long time, e. [. . . ]


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