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[. . . ] 25 Contrôlez avant d'appeler le service après-vente What to do if your vacuum cleaner does not work . 26 Que faire si votre aspirateur ne fonctionne pas What to do when suction performance decreases . 26 Que faire lorsque la puissance d’aspiration diminue 3 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Read and follow all instructions before using your vacuum cleaner to prevent the risk of fire, electric shock, personal injury, or damage when using the vacuum cleaner. Always contact your service agent or manufacturer about problems that you do not understand. [. . . ] €  lways clean the dust bin after vacuuming carpet A cleaners or fresheners, powders and fine dust. These products clog the filters, reduce airflow and can cause damage to the cleaner. Failure to clean the dust bin could cause permanent damage to the cleaner. D •  o not use vacuum cleaner to pick up sharp hard objects, small toys, pins, paper clips, etc. €  he vacuum cleaner is not intended to use T by young children or infirm people without supervision. Use only U with LG recommended or approved attachments and accessories. € This appliance is not intended for use by persons  (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance. €  o avoid personal injury and to prevent the T machine from falling when cleaning stairs, always place it at the bottom of stairs. Thermal protector : This vacuum cleaner has a special thermostat that protects the vacuum cleaner in case of motor overheating. If the vacuum cleaner suddenly shuts off, turn off the switch and unplug the vacuum cleaner. ž  ini turbine nozzle (depend on model) M La brosse mini turbine (selon le modèle) •  ini turbine is used for stairs and other hard to reach M places. €  o clean the mini turbine nozzle, remove the nozzle cover : T Remove 2 screws on the bottom and take mini turbine nozzle cover off as shown. €  requently clean and remove hair, string, and lint F build-up in the brush area. 14 How to use Using accessory nozzles Comment utiliser Utiliser les accessoires Upholstery nozzle Embout pour tissu Dusting brush Brosse meubles Crevice tool Suceur plat ➎  pholstery nozzle U L'accessoire pour tissu Upholstery nozzle is for vacuuming upholstery, mattresses etc. l’accessoire pour tissu sert à aspirer les tissus , matelas , etc. ž  usting brush D Brosse meubles Dusting brush is for vacuuming picture frames, furniture frames, books and other irregular surfaces. la brosse meubles sert à aspirer les cadres photos , les encadrements des meubles , les livres et tout objet à surface irrégulière. Pull the cover Tirez le couvercle ➐  revice tool C Suceur plat Crevice tool is for vacuuming in those normally hard-to-reach places such as reaching cobwebs or between the cushions of a sofa. le suceur plat sert à atteindre les zones difficiles d’accès comme les toiles d’araignées ou entre les coussins d’un canapé. Push the button Appuyez sur le bouton NOTICE Use accessory in the sofa mode REMARQUE Utilisez l’accessoire en mode sofa. < Upholstery nozzle mode > < Mode Embout Tissu > < Dusting brush mode > < Brosse meubles > •  ccessory nozzles included in the "BOX" with owner's manual. [. . . ] You should grasp the carrier handle when you are moving the vacuum cleaner. Tank handle Poignée du réservoir Carrier handle Poignée du corps de l’appareil 20 How to use Cleaning dust tank Comment utiliser Nettoyer le bac à poussière Tank separation lever Levier de séparation du bac Pull out Retirez Tank handle Poignée du bac • Press tank separation button and pull out dust tank. NOTICE If suction power decreases after cleaning dust tank, clean air filter and motor safety filter.  Page suivante 21 How to use Dust separator clean Comment utiliser Nettoyage du séparateur de poussière Dust separator Séparateur de poussière Air filter Filtre à air Motor safety filter Filtre de sécurité moteur Pre-filter cover Couvercle du pré-filtre Guide cover Couvercle guide ➊  ow to separate H Comment démonter •  pen the Vacuum cleaner cover by pushing the button. [. . . ]


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