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[. . . ] Colour Television OWNER'S MANUAL Please read this manual carefully before operating your set. See the label attached on the back cover and quote this information to your dealer when you require service. Model number Serial number : : P/NO : MFL39073949-EN (CW62C) Installation Power This set operates on an AC mains supply, the voltage is as indicated on the label on the back cover. In the event of thunderstorms or powercuts, please pull out the aerial and mains plugs. [. . . ] In AV mode, to return to TV mode, press the D / E or NUMBER buttons. Sleep timer You don't have to remember to switch the set off before you go to sleep. The sleep timer automatically switches the set to standby after the preset time elapses. The display r- - - will appear on the screen, followed by 10, 20, 30, 60, 90, 120, 180 and 240. To cancel the sleep time, repeatedly press the --SLEEP button until the display r appears. When you switch the set off, the set releases the preset sleep time. Auto AV switching (option) If your VCR outputs switching voltage when it is switched to playback with the VCR connected to the Euro scart socket. The set is automatically switched to A mode when an AV signal is input. But if you V1 want to keep on watching TV mode, press the D / E 4 On screen menus The dialogue between you and your set takes place on screen with an operator menu. The buttons required for the operating steps are also displayed. Setting up TV stations Auto programme tuning All stations that can be received are stored by this method. It is recommended that you use auto programme during installation of this set. System : BG :(Asia/NewZealand/ M. East/Africa/Australia) I :(Hong Kong/South Africa) DK :(East Europe/China/Africa/CIS) L :(SECAM L/L' (France) (option) M : (USA/Korea/Philippines) (option) Note : a. Turbo search is faster than Normal search and in some models, these searches will automatically store all receivable sttions. b. If the programmed station has poor quality and sound, select the system again in the Manual programme menu. Menu selection 1. Change the setting of an item in the sub or pull-down menu with the F / G or D / E. You can move to the higher level menu with the OK or F button and to move to the lower level menu press the G button. In some models, the Normal/Turbo search will not display, only the Start will display in the Auto programme menu. On some models, the Language, X-WAVE will not display. Station AutoOprogramme ManualOprogramme ProgrammeOedit FavouriteOprogramme { { { { Auto programme System System StorageOfrom NormalOsearch TurboOsearch { { { { BG I DK L Manual programme tuning Manual programme lets you manually tune and arrange the stations in whatever order you desire. Also you can assign a station name with five characters to each programme number. You must set the time correctly before using the on/off time function. If you select On on the Auto sleep pull-down menu, the set will automatically switch itself to standby mode approximately ten minutes after a TV station stops broadcasting. PSM (Picture Status Memory) XD The picture Dynamic, Standard, Mild and Game are programmed for good picture reproduction at the factory and cannot be changed. You can enjoy the vivid and hi-definition picture with LG's excellent Digital Reality processor technology. Eye (option) When the eye function is on, the most suitable picture is automatically adjusted according to the surrounding conditions. At this time the display in green does not appear continuously but the display in yellow appears each time the picture condition changes. b. EYE function is not available for RGB input source. Auto sleep Sound adjustment SSM (Sound Status Memory) Sound Frequency Adjustment Press the G button in User to display the User sub menu. The sound Flat, Music, Movie and Sports are programmed for good sound reproduction at the factory and cannot be changed. [. . . ] Corresponding to the SIMPLE teletext mode, you can select a page by entering its three digit page number with the NUMBER buttons in FASTEXT mode. The D / E button can be used to select the preceding or following page. Switch on/off Press the TEXT button to switch to teletext. The initial page or last page appears on the screen. Two page numbers, TV station name, date and time are displayed on the screen headline. The first page number indicates your selection, while the second shows the current page displayed. Press the TEXTor TV/AV button to switch off teletext. [. . . ]


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