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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] User Guide This is a 「User Guide」 installed on the TV. The contents of this guide are subject to change without prior notice for quality improvement. ❐❐To view programme information Press INFO button. Displays information on current programme and/or current time, etc. ❐❐To set favourite programmes SETTINGS ➾ SETUP ➙ Programme Edit 1 Select the channel you want. ✎✎ You can check your favourite channels by pressing the LIST button on the remote control. ❐❐To use Favourite Press the FAV button. You can only view the channels you set as favourites. Press GUIDE button. [In Digital mode only] Obtains information about programmes and airtime. Checks the broadcasting time of the desired programme and schedule viewing. ❐❐Automatically Setting Up Programme SETTINGS ➾ SETUP ➙ Auto Tuning Automatically tunes the programmes. [. . . ] ✎✎ If a third-party device with the HDMI-CEC function is also used, the SIMPLINK device may not work normally. ✎✎ [Depending on model] If you select or play media from a the device with a home theatre function, the HT Speaker is automatically connected. Be sure to connect with an optical cable (sold separately) to use the HT Speaker function. ❓❓SIMPLINK function description • Direct Play: Plays the multimedia device on the TV instantly. • Select multimedia device: Selects the desired device via the SIMPLINK menu to control it from the TV screen instantly. • Disc playback: Manages the multimedia device with the TV remote control. • Power off all devices: When you power off the TV, all connected devices are turned off. • Sync Power on: When the equipment with SIMPLINK function connected HDMI terminal starts to play, the TV will automatically turn on. • Speaker: [Depending on model] Select speaker either on the home theatre unit or the TV. ❐❐To use Sleep Timer SETTINGS ➾ TIME ➙ Sleep Timer Turns off the TV after a preset number of minutes. To cancel the Sleep Timer, select Off. ❐❐To set current time SETTINGS ➾ TIME ➙ Clock Checks or changes the time while watching TV. • Auto : Synchronizes the TV clock to the digital time information sent by the TV station. • Manual : Sets the time and date manually if the auto setup does not correspond to the current time. ❐❐To set the TV to turn on and off automatically SETTINGS ➾ TIME ➙ On Time / Off Time Sets On / Off time. ✎✎ Even when the On Time function is on, the TV will turn off automatically in 120 minutes when no button is pressed within that time. ❐❐To set Automatic Standby SETTINGS ➾ TIME ➙ Automatic Standby [Depending on model] If you do not press any button on the TV or remote control for a certain period, the TV will automatically switch to standby mode. ✎✎ This function does not work on Store Demo mode or while software update. ❐❐To set password SETTINGS ➾ LOCK ➙ Set Password Sets or changes TV password. When France is selected for Country, password is not 「0000」 but 「1234」. ❐ When France is selected for Country, password cannot be set to 「0000」. ❐❐To lock system SETTINGS ➾ LOCK ➙ Lock System Locks the selected channel or external input. First set Lock System to On. • Block Programme : Blocks programmes with content inappropriate for children. Programmes can be selected but the screen is blank and the audio is muted. To watch a locked programme, enter the password. • Parental Guidance : This function operates according to information from the broadcaster. Therefore if the signal has incorrect information, this function does not operate. Prevents children from watching certain adult TV programmes according to the ratings limit set. • Input Block : Block the input sources. ❐❐To use Key Lock SETTINGS ➾ LOCK ➙ Key Lock Locks control buttons on TV. ✎✎ Key Lock function remains intact even in case of power outage or when the power cord is removed from the wall socket. [. . . ] (If this does not work, reboot the computer. ) ❐❐Problems replaying movies in My Media ꕢꕢ I cannot view the files on the Movie List. • Check whether the file on the USB storage device can be read on a computer. • Check whether the file extension is supported. ꕢꕢ The file is invalid. Sound, video or subtitles is not normal. • Make sure that the file replays normally on the computer’s video player. (Check for damaged files. ) • Check if My Media can support the selected file. ✎✎ For information on requesting service, refer to the following menu. [. . . ]


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