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[. . . ] The lightning flash with arrowhead symbol, within an equilateral triangle, is intended to alert the user to the presence of uninsulated "dangerous voltage" within the product's enclosure that may be of sufficient magnitude to constitute a risk of electric shock to persons. The exclamation point within an equilateral triangle is intended to alert the user to the presence of important operating and maintenance (servicing) instructions in the literature accompanying the appliance. WARNING/CAUTION: TO PREVENT FIRE OR SHOCK HAZARDS, DO NOT EXPOSE THIS PRODUCT TO RAIN OR MOISTURE. FCC NOTICE · A Class B digital device This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. [. . . ] · TV Rating-Children: Prevents children from watching certain children's TV programs, according to the ratings limit set. Unless you block certain TV programs intended for mature audiences in the TV Rating - sub menu, your children can view those programs. · TV Rating-General: Based on the ratings, blocks certain TV programs that you and your family do not want to view. · Input Block: Enables you to select a source to block from the external source devices you have hooked up. Press EXIT button to return to TV viewing or press MENU button to return to the previous menu. Note: · If you ever forget your password, key in `7', `7', `7', `7' on the remote control. 56 Plasma TV Operation CableCARD TM Function * In this manual, the OSD (On Screen Display) may be different from your TV's because it is just example to help the TV operation. Cable menu options - The Cable sub menu displays when inserting the CableCARDTM to the TV. - The CableCARDTM type is Motorola, Scientific Atlanta (SA), or SCM etc. The OSD (On screen display) is different from your TV according to your CableCARDTM type. Press the G G D /E In case of Scientific Atlanta CableCARDTM SETUP VIDEO AUDIO TIME OPTION LOCK CABLE SA CableCARDTM Diag Screen SA CableCARDTM/Host ID Screen G button to select the CABLE menu. button and then use button. D /E button to select your desired item. 4. Press EXIT button to return to TV viewing. MENU i. e) CableCARDTM/ Host ID Screen CableCARDTM Message In order to start service for this device, please contact customer service at Ph#: 1-866-303-0422 CableCARDTM(tm): 0-010-405-698-001 HOST ID: 0-080-000-000-226 - As shown, the pairing number means your TV and CableCARDTM ID. For further information regarding cable TV service, contact your local cable TV service provider(s). EXIT Exit Scrambled channel - Insert the CableCARDTM. - If temperature is below zero(0°), this message is displayed to initialize HDD as shown below. 60 Plasma TV Operation On playing the recorded program, play - You can play the selected program in the recorded program list. 1. Play a recorded program. 2. While playing, You can see a diversified playback screen as shown below. · At first, an icon showing current playback mode is displayed as marking display the progress bar. 3 4 . Then press the ENTER button to 1 2 5 6 * The `Progress Bar'?This function indicates a possible DVR reshowing section , a current on-screen and real onbroadcasting position, a section of section-recording. 1. Indicates current playback position. W Using the remote control - You can shift playback to any point while playing the recorded program - When playing, press the REW (FF ) or FF (GG) button. 2 times 5 times 20 times 50 times 300 times · If the button is pressed continuously, it changes like above. (If you do not select a section to repeat) - If you wish to return to a initial portion of the playback program, press the (In the condition of not setting a section to repeat) - If you wish to return to a last portion of the playback program, press the - Press the PLAY (G) button to return to a normal playback. · Repetedly press the Pause ( II ) button to advance frame by frame. · When pressing the Pause ( II ) button, longly, will be shown. · The unit will return to playback in 10 minutes if a button on the remote is not pressed. [. . . ] HOW SERVICE IS HANDLED: In-Home Service: Please retain dealer's dated bill of sale or delivery ticket as evidence of the Date of Purchase for proof of warranty, and submit a copy of the bill of sale to the service person at the time warranty service is provided. Please call 1-800-243-0000 to locate your nearest LGE Authorized Service Center. Visit our website at: http://www. lgservice. com THIS WARRANTY IS IN LIEU OF ANY OTHER WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. TO THE EXTENT ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY IS REQUIRED BY LAW, IT IS LIMITED IN DURATION TO THE EXPRESS WARRANTY PERIOD ABOVE. [. . . ]


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