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[. . . ] ENG ENGLISH OWNER'S MANUAL MONITOR SIGNAGE Please read this manual carefully before operating the your set and retain it for future reference. MONITOR SIGNAGE MODELS 42VS20 47VS20 55VS20 www. lg. com 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS CONTENTS 4 5 5 6 7 8 8 9 9 10 10 11 ENGLISH ENG LICENSES ASSEMBLING AND PREPARING Accessories Optional Accessories Parts and buttons Connecting the stand (42VS20) Connecting the stand (47VS20) Connecting the stand (55VS20) Connecting the Speakers (42VS20, 47VS20) Connecting the Speakers (55VS20) Portrait Layout Mounting on a wall 22 22 23 24 25 27 30 33 35 36 37 ENTERTAINMENT - Connecting to a wired network - Network Status - Connecting USB storage devices - Browsing files - Viewing movies - Viewing photos - Listening to music - Viewing the Contents List - DivX® VOD Guide - Using PIP/PBP 38 38 39 42 43 44 48 49 CUSTOMIZING SETTINGS Accessing main menus - PICTURE settings - AUDIO settings - TIME settings - OPTION settings - Picture ID - NETWORK settings 12 14 14 14 15 15 16 17 17 17 18 18 18 19 19 19 21 REMOTE CONTROL USING THE MONITOR SET Connecting to a PC - RGB connection - DVI connection - HDMI connection - DP connection Adjusting the screen - Selecting an image mode - Customizing image options - Customizing PC display options Adjusting the sound - Selecting an sound mode - Customizing sound options Using additional options - Adjusting aspect ratio - Using the input list 50 51 MAKING CONNECTIONS Connecting to a HD receiver, DVD, Camcorder, Camera, Gaming Device or VCR player 51 51 52 52 53 53 53 54 54 54 - DVI connection - HDMI connection - Component connection - AV(CVBS) connection Connecting to the LAN - LAN connection Connecting to a USB Daisy Chain Monitors - RGB Cable - DVI Cable LICENSES 3 ENGLISH 55 58 65 66 66 66 66 67 69 TROUBLESHOOTING SPECIFICATIONS IR CODES CONTROLLING THE MULTIPLE PRODUCT Connecting the cable RS-232C Configurations Communication Parameter Command reference list Transmission / Receiving protocol 4 LICENSES LICENSES Supported licenses may differ by model. HDMI, the HDMI logo and High-Definition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC. ENGLISH ABOUT DIVX VIDEO: DivX is a digital video format created by DivX, LLC, a subsidiary of Rovi Corporation. Visit divx. com for more information and software tools to convert your files into DivX videos. [. . . ] The screen turns off in 3 seconds. Adjusts the backlight and contrast depending on the screen brightness. Selects one of the preset image or customizes options in each mode for the best Monitor set screen performance. The available preset picture modes vary depending on the Monitor set . Mode Vivid Standard Cinema Sport Game Adjusts the video image for the retail environment by enhancing the contrast, brightness, Color, and sharpness. Optimizes the video image for a cinematic look to enjoy movies as if you are in a movie theater. Optimizes the video image for high and dynamic actions by emphasizing primary Colours such as white, grass, or sky blue. Optimizes the video image for a fast gaming screen such as PCs or games. 40 CUSTOMIZING SETTINGS Setting SCREEN (In RGB Mode Only) Description Customizes the PC display options in RGB mode. Option Resolution Auto Configure Position/Size/ Phase Reset Selects a proper resolution. The displayed image may be unstable for a few seconds while the configuration is in progress. Adjusts the options when the picture is not clear, especially when characters are shaky, after the auto configuration. Restores the options to the default setting. ENGLISH ENG Picture Mode options Setting Backlight Contrast Brightness Sharpness Color Tint Color Temp . Advanced Control Picture Reset Description Adjusts the brightness of the screen by controlling the LCD backlight. If you decrease the brightness level, the screen becomes darker and the power consumption will be reduced without any video signal loss. You may use Contrast when the bright part of the picture is saturated. You may use Brightness when the dark part of the picture is saturated. Adjusts the level of crispness in the edges between the light and dark areas of the picture. Set to warm to enhance hotter Colors such as red, or set to cool to make picture bluish. Restores the options to the default setting. NOTE y If the 'Picture Mode' setting in the Picture menu is set to Vivid, Standard, Cinema, Sport or Game the subsequent menus will be automatically set. y When using the Smart Energy Saving function, the screen may look saturated in the white area of a still image. y If Energy Saving is set to Minimum, Medium, or Maximum, the Smart Energy Saving function is disabled. CUSTOMIZING SETTINGS 41 Advanced Control ENG ENGLISH Setting Dynamic Contrast (Off/High/ Medium/Low) Description Adjusts the contrast to keep it at the best level according to the brightness of the screen. The picture is improved by making bright parts brighter and dark parts darker. (This function can be used only under AV(CVBS) and Component. ) Dynamic Color Adjusts screen Colors so that they look livelier, richer and clearer. This feature enhances (Off/High/Low) hue, saturation and luminance so that red, blue, green and white look more vivid. [. . . ] Transmission [d][z][ ][Set ID][ ][Data][Cr] Data FF: Check Tile Mode status 41. Transmission [d][f][ ][Set ID][ ][Data][Cr] Data 0 to 32: Bottom (0) to Top (50) (*Bottom/Top values depend on Tile V size. ) Acknowledgement [f][ ][Set ID][ ][OK/NG][Data][x] Acknowledgement [z][ ][Set ID][ ][OK/NG][Data1][Data2][Data3][x] Data1 00: Tile Mode Off 01: Tile Mode On Data2 00 to 0F: Tile Colume Value Data3 00 to 0F: Tile Row Value CONTROLLING THE MULTIPLE PRODUCT 77 42. Transmission [d][g][ ][Set ID][ ][Data][x] Data 00 to 32: 0 to 50 Acknowledgement [g][ ][Set ID][ ][OK/NG][Data][x] 45. DPM Select (Command: f j) To set the DPM (Display Power Management) function. [. . . ]


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