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[. . . ] Please read this manual carefully before operating your set and retain it for future reference. Com A-2 TABLE OF CONTENTS TABLE OF CONTENTS A-3 SETTING UP THE TV A-3 A-6 Attaching the stand Tidying cables COMMON LANGUAGE LIST English Italiano LANGUAGE B-1 MAKING CONNECTIONS B-1 B-2 B-2 B-3 B-4 B-5 B-6 B-6 B-7 B-7 B-8 B-9 B-10 B-11 Antenna connection Satellite dish connection HDMI connection - ARC (Audio Return Channel) DVI to HDMI connection Component connection Composite connection MHL connection Audio connection - Digital optical audio connection USB connection CI module connection Headphone connection Euro Scart connection B-13 SPECIFICATIONS COMMON SETTING UP THE TV A-3 Setting up the TV Image shown may differ from your TV. Attaching the stand LA62**, LA64**, LA66**, LN57**-ZE/ZK 1 4 EA M4 x 14 3 (Only LA62**, LN57**-ZE/ZK) Stand Body Front Stand Base M4 x 14 4 EA 2 (Only LA62**, LN57**-ZE/ZK) (Only LA64**, LA66**) (Only LA64**, LA66**) M4 x 14 4 EA A-4 SETTING UP THE TV LA69**, LA74** 3 1 Stand Base M4 x 20 4EA 2 SETTING UP THE TV A-5 LN57**-ZA 1 Stand Body 3EA P5 x 25 CAUTION yy When attaching the stand to the TV set, place the screen facing down on a cushioned table or flat surface to protect the screen from scratches. Yy Make sure that the screws are inserted correctly and fastened securely. [. . . ] (Depending on model) IN (PC) (RGB/HDMI-PC) IN/OUT (RGB) 13/18V 700mA MAx LNB IN IN LAN RGB IN AUDIO AV1 Satellite ANTENNA /CABLE OPTICAL DIGITAL AUDIO OUT H/P 18 ASSEMBLING AND PREPARING Lifting and moving the TV Please note the following advice to prevent the TV from being scratched or damaged and for safe transportation regardless of its type and size. Yy When transporting the TV by hand, hold the TV as shown in the following illustration. ENGLISH ENG CAUTION yy Avoid touching the screen at all times, as this may result in damage to the screen. Yy It is recommended to move the TV in the box or packing material that the TV originally came in. Yy Before moving or lifting the TV, disconnect the power cord and all cables. Yy When holding the TV, the screen should face away from you to avoid damage. Yy When transporting the TV, do not expose the TV to jolts or excessive vibration. Yy When transporting the TV, keep the TV upright, never turn the TV on its side or tilt towards the left or right. Yy Do not apply excessive pressure to cause flexing /bending of frame chassis as it may damage screen. Make sure not to hold the transparent part, speaker, or speaker grill area. ASSEMBLING AND PREPARING 19 Mounting on a table 1 Lift and tilt the TV into its upright position on a table. --  eave a 10 cm (minimum) space from the L wall for proper ventilation. Securing the TV to a table Fix the TV to a table to prevent from tilting forward, damage, and potential injury. To secure the TV to a table, insert and tighten the supplied screw on the rear of the stand. (Only 32/39/42/47/50/60LN57**-ZA) ENGLISH ENG 10 cm 10 cm m 10 c 10 cm 10 cm (Only 32/39/42/47/50LN57**-ZE/ZK, 32/39/42/47/50LA62**, 32/42/47/50LA64**, 32/42/47/50LA66**) 2 Connect the power cord to a wall outlet. CAUTION yy Do not place the TV near or on sources of heat, as this may result in fire or other damage. Using the Kensington security system (This feature is not available for all models. Yy The Kensington security system connector is located at the rear of the TV. For more information of installation and using, refer to the manual provided with the Kensington security system or visit http://www. Connect the Kensington security system cable between the TV and a table. 2 EA , P4 x 8 (Only 47/50LN57**-ZE/ZK , 47/50LA62** , 47/50L A64** , 47/50LA66**) 2 EA , M4 x 8 (Only 32/39/42LN57**-ZE/ZK , 32/39/42LA62** , 32/42LA64** , 32/42LA66**)  20 ASSEMBLING AND PREPARING NOTE (Only 32/39/42/47/50LN57**-ZE/ZK , 32/39/42/47/50LA62** , 32/42/47/50LA64** , 32/42/47/50LA66**) How to fix the TV to a table 1. Connect the Desk-mount Cables to the Stand Base using the Bracket Screws. [. . . ] When changing AV MODE with a headphone yy connected, the change is applied to video but not to audio. (Depending on model) Optical Digital Audio Out is not available yy when connecting a headphone. TV analogica AV1 (Uscita TV1) TV digitale AV1 IN/OUT (*Not Provided) NOTA English Transmits the video and audio signals from an external device to the TV set. Connect the external device and the TV set with the euro scart cable as shown. [. . . ]


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