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[. . . ] ENG ENGLISH OWNER'S MANUAL MONITOR SIGNAGE Please read this manual carefully before operating the your set and retain it for future reference. MONITOR SIGNAGE MODEL 47VX30MF www. lg. com 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS CONTENTS 3 4 4 5 6 6 ENGLISH ENG LICENSES ASSEMBLING AND PREPARING Unpacking Partsandbuttons PortraitLayout Installingonawall 34 35 MAKING CONNECTIONS ConnectingtoaHDreceiver, DVD, Camcorder, Camera, GamingDeviceorVCR player 35 35 36 36 37 37 38 38 38 - HDMIconnection - HDMI/DVIconnection - Componentconnection - AV(CVBS)connection ConnectingtotheLAN - LANconnection DaisyChainMonitors - RGBMode - AV(CVBS)Mode 8 10 10 10 11 11 12 REMOTE CONTROL USING THE MONITOR SET ConnectingtoaPC - Usingtheinputlist - RGBconnection - HDM/DVIconnection - HDMIconnection 39 42 44 45 45 45 45 46 48 TROUBLESHOOTING SPECIFICATIONS IR CODES CONTROLLING THE MULTIPLE PRODUCT Connectingthecable RS-232CConfigurations CommunicationParameter Commandreferencelist Transmission/Receivingprotocol 13 13 14 19 20 21 23 CUSTOMIZING SETTINGS Accessingmainmenus - PICTUREsettings - AUDIOsettings - TIMEsettings - OPTIONsettings - TILEsettings 25 25 25 26 28 29 30 33 33 ENTERTAINMENT Usingintegratedmediafeatures - ConnectingUSBstoragedevices - Browsingfiles - ViewingPhotos - ListeningtoMusic - ViewingMovies - DivXregistrationcode - DeactivatingtheDivXfeature LICENSES 3 LICENSES Supportedlicensesmaydifferbymodel. Formoreinformationofthelicenses, visitwww. lg. com. HDMI, theHDMIlogoandHigh-DefinitionMultimediaInterfacearetrademarks orregisteredtrademarksofHDMILicensingLLC. ENGLISH ABOUTDIVXVIDEO:DivX®isadigitalvideoformatcreatedbyDivX, LLC, a subsidiaryofRoviCorporation. ThisisanofficialDivXCertified®devicethat playsDivXvideo. Visitdivx. comformoreinformationandsoftwaretoolsto convertyourfilesintoDivXvideos. ABOUTDIVXVIDEO-ON-DEMAND:ThisDivXCertified®devicemustbe registeredinordertoplaypurchasedDivXVideo-on-Demand(VOD)movies. [. . . ] Apop-upwindowwillappears. BGM Options Number of selected photos Option Slideshow Description Startsorstopsaslideshowwithselected photos. Iftherearenoselectedphotos, all photossavedinthecurrentfolder displayduringaslideshow. Rotatesphotosclockwise(90°, 180°, 270°, 360°). Photo List Drive 1 JHR001 Page 2/3 HR101 HR102 No Marked HR103 02/21/2010 02/21/2010 02/21/2010 02/21/2010 02/21/2010 02/21/2010 HR104 1366x768, 125KB HR105 JHR005 JHR006 JHR007 JHR008 USB Device Free Space 150 MB Up Folder 02/21/2010 02/21/2010 02/21/2010 02/21/2010 02/21/2010 02/21/2010 02/21/2010 1366x768, 125KB JHR001 JHR002 JHR003 JHR004 View (Rotate) Mark All Delete Close Up Folder Navigation Option NOTE Thesupportedphotosizeislimited. Youcannotrotateaphotoifthe resolutionoftherotatedwidthis largerthanthesupportedresolution size. y Music Album:Selectsamusicfolder forthebackgroundmusic. Page Change MARK Mark EXIT Exit 6 Viewphotosbyusingthefollowingmenus. Menu View Description Displaystheselectedphotoinafullscreenview. y Drive:Viewsphotossavedina USBstoragedrive. Mark All Selectsallfilesorclearsallofyour or Unmark selections All Delete DeletesafilesavedinaUSBstorage device. Hide NOTE Youcannotchangethemusicfolder whilethebackgroundmusicis playing. IfyoupresstheARCkeyontheremote controlafterhidingthemenu, youcan togglebetweennormalandfullscreen mode. NOTE Youcannotdeletethefilessaved inasharedfolderofaPC. Close Closesthepop-upmenu. ENTERTAINMENT 29 Listening to Music 1 PresstheNavigationbuttonstoscrolltoUSB andpressOK. 7 Controlplaybackbyusingthefollowing buttons. ENG ENGLISH Button Description Stopsplayback Playsamusicfile Pausesorresumesplayback Skipstothenextfile Skipstothepreviousfile 2 PresstheNavigationbuttonstoscrolltoMusic ListandpressOK. 3 SelectDrive1toaccesstheconnectedUSB storagedevice. 4 PresstheNavigationbuttonstoscrolltoa folderyouwantandpressOK. 5 PresstheNavigationbuttonstoscrolltoafile youwantandpressOK. Apop-upwindowwillappears. USB Device NOTE Adamagedorcorruptedfilewillnotplayand yy thedurationofthefiledisplayas00:00. yy IftheMonitorsetisnotinuseforsometime yy duringplayback, theinformationboxasa screensaverwillappeartopreventimage burn. ToreturntotheMusiclistscreen, pressOK, yy (stop)orBACK. Music List Music S003 Page 2/3 No Marked Title Free Space 150 MB Duration Up Folder 03:33 04:45 01:30 02:37 01:58 EXIT Up Folder S001 S002 4395KB 1Kbps 00:00/01:34 Up Folder Navigation Option S003 S004 S005 Play Play with Photo Mark All Delete Close Page Change MARK Mark Exit 6 Playmusicbyusingthefollowingmenus. Menu Play, Stop Play, or Play Marked Description Playsmusic, stopsplayback, orplays theselectedmusicfile. Ifyouplay musicwithoutselectingmusicfiles, all ofthemusicfilessavedinthecurrent folderwillplay. Displaysphotosduringplayback. Folder name/file name Music S003 0:27 / 3:67 Time elapsed /Duration Play with Photo Mark All Selectsallfilesorclearsallofyour or Unmark selections All Delete Close DeletesafilesavedinaUSBstorage device. Closesthepop-upmenu. 30 ENTERTAINMENT Viewing Movies ENGLISH ENG PlayvideofilesontheMonitorset. YourMonitor setdisplaysallofthevideofilessavedinaUSB storagedevice. Videoformat:MPEG1, MPEG2, yy MPEG4(Doesn'tsupportMicrosoftMPEG 4-V2, V3), DivX3. xx, DivX4. xx, DivX5. xx, DivXVOD(DRM), XviD, DivX6. xx(Playback) Audioformat:Mpeg, Mp3, PCM yy Bitrate:within32kbpsto320kbps(MP3) yy Subtitleformat:*. smi/*. srt/*. sub(Micro yy DVD, SubViewer2. 0)/*. ass/*. ssa/*. txt(DVD SubtitleSystem). yy Subtitlesinlanguagesotherthanthe yy supportedlanguagesarenotavailable. Timeinformationinanexternalsubtitlefile yy shouldbearrangedinascendingordertobe played. Thescreenmaysuffertemporaryinterruptions yy (imagestoppage, fasterplayback, etc. )when theaudiolanguageischanged. Adamagedmoviefilemaynotbeplayed yy correctly, orsomeplayerfunctionsmaynotbe usable. Ifthevideoandaudiostructureofrecorded yy fileisnotinterleaved, eithervideooraudiois outputted. HDvideoswithamaximumof1920x1080 yy @25/30Por1280x720@50/60Pare supported, dependingontheframe. Videoswithresolutionshigherthan1920x yy 1080@25/30Por1280x720@50/60Pmay notworkproperlydependingontheframe. [. . . ] Acknowledgement [p][][SetID][][OK/NG][Data][x] *Thedatais1bytelonginHexadecimal. Transmission [f][a][][SetID][][Data1][][Data2][][Data3][Cr] [Data1] 00:Monday 01:Tuesday 02:Wednesday 03:Thursday 04:Friday 05:Saturday 06:Sunday [Data2] 0Hto17H(Hours) [Data3] 00Hto3BH(Minutes) Acknowledgement [a][][SetID][][OK/NG][Data1][Data2][Data3][x] *Whenreadingdata, FFHisinputtedfor[Data1], [Data2]and[Data3]. Inothercases, allaretreatedas NG. EXTERNAL CONTROL DEVICE SETUP 55 35. Transmission [f][d][][SetID][][Data1][][Data2][][Data3][Cr] [Data1] 1. f1htof4h(readoneindex) f1:read1stindexofOnTimeList f2:read2ndindexofOnTimeList f3:read3rdindexofOnTimeList f4:read4thindexofOnTimeList 2. e1h~e4h(deleteoneindex), e0h(deleteallindexes) e0:deleteallindexesofOnTimeList e1:delete1stindexofOnTimeList e2:delete2ndindexofOnTimeList e3:delete3rdindexofOnTimeList e4:delete4thindexofOnTimeList 3. 01hto80h(write)(DayofWeek) bit0(01h):Monday bit1(02h):Tuesday bit2(04h):Wednesday bit3(08h):Thursday bit4(10h):Friday bit5(20h):Saturday bit6(40h):Sunday bit7(80h):Everyday (1fh):MondaytoFriday (3fh):MondaytoSaturday (60h):SaturdaytoSunday [Data2] 00hto17h(Hours) [Data3] 00hto3bh(Minutes) *Whenyouread/deletethecurrentontimelist, allof [Data2][Data3]arehavetobeFFH. (ex1:fd01f1ffff-whenyouread1stindexofOn TimeList ex2:fd01e1ffff-whenyoudelete1stindexofOn TimeList ex3:fd013f0203-whenyouwriteoneOnTime Data, "MondaytoSaturday, 02:03" Acknowledgement [d][][SetID][][OK][Data1][Data2][Data3][x] 36. [. . . ]


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