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[. . . ] When moving your appliance away from the wall, be careful not to roll over the power cord or to damage it in any way. After your refrigerator is in operation, do not touch the cold surfaces in the freezer compartment, particularly when your hands are damp or wet. Unplug the power cord from the power outlet for cleaning or other requirements. Never touch it with wet hands because you can get an electric shock or be hurt. [. . . ] If discolored ice is dispensed, immediately contact service center, stopping use. Ice may be jammed in ice passage and, thus, the refrigerator may be failed. 15 Operation Refreshment center (Applicable to some models only) How to use Open the refreshment center door. You can access the refreshment center without opening refrigerator door and thus saving electricity. Inner lamp is lit in refrigerator compartment when the refreshment center door opens. Thus it is easy to identify the contents. Use the refreshment center door as a stand Never use the refreshment center door as a chopping board and take care not to damage it with sharp tools. Never rest your arms or severely press on it. Never take out the inner refreshment center cover The refreshment center can not function normally without the cover. Never place heavy items on the refreshment center door or allow children to hang it on. Not only can the refreshment center door may be damaged, but also children may be hurt. 16 Operation Shelf (Applicable to some models only) Folding Shelf You can store taller items such as a gallon container or bottles by simply pushing in front half of shelf underneath back half of shelf. Pull toward you to return to a full shelf. Wine holder (Applicable to some models only) Wine holder adjustment (Type 1) Bottles can be stored laterally with this wine corner. This can be attached to any shelf. In case of inserting the wine holder : Pull the wine holder downward as in after inserting it into the side anchoring part of the shelf as in by catching it upward as in . In case of separating the wine holder : Pull the wine holder inward as in ➃ after holding it upward as in ➂ by catching it.  !" (Type 2) Bottles can be stored laterally with this wine rack. Egg box NOTE Never use the egg box as an ice storage bin. Smooth circulation of chilled air keeps refrigerator temperatures even. Opening the door lets warm air enter the refrigerator, and cause temperatures to rise. Never keep too much food in door rack because they may push against by inner racks so that the door cannot be fully closed. Freezer compartment Do not store bottles in the freezer compartment - they may break when frozen. When storing frozen food like ice cream for a long period, place it on the freezer shelf, not in the door rack. Do not touch the cold foods or containers- especially made of metallic -, with wet hands and place glass products in the freezer compartment. - That’s why you may have chilblains and they may be broken when their inner matters are frozen, causing personal injury. Avoid placing moist food in top refrigerator shelves, it could freeze from direct contact with chilled air. Vegetables and fruits should be washed and wiped, and packed food should be wiped, to prevent adjacent food from spoiling. When storing eggs in their storage rack or box, ensure that they are fresh, and always store them in an upright position, which keeps them fresh longer. Refrigerator compartment • NOTE If you keep the refrigerator in a hot and humid place, frequent openning of the door or storing a lot of vegetables in it may cause dew to form which has no effect on its performance. Remove the dew with dust cloth free from care. 21 Care and maintenance How to dismantle parts • NOTE Dismantling is done in the reverse sequence of assembly. Parts may be damaged. Freezer compartment lamp Separate the lamp by pulling it out ➂ while slightly pressing ➀ and rotating ➁ the lamp cover. [. . . ] Set the refrigerator control to a colder setting. Refrigerator control is set too warm. Refrigerator has recently been disconnected for a period of time. Temperature in the refrigerator is too warm but the freezer temperature is satisfactory. Refrigerator control is set too warm. 26 Care and maintenance Occurrence Possible cause Solution Sound and noise Louder sound levels when refrigerator is on. Vibrating or rattling noise. Today’s refrigerators have increased storage capacity and maintain more even temperatures. Refrigerator operates at higher pressures during the start of the ON cycle. [. . . ]


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