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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] How to use Select “LG HBM-760/761” from the list of devices and pair it with your handset. Ͽ When asked for the Pass/Pin code during the pairing procedure, please enter “0000” (4 Zeros) Once pairing has completed successfully, you will hear a beep. Ͽ After pairing successfully, be sure to “Connect” to the LG HBM-760/761. Ͽ If you want to pair with a different device in the future, the Headset must be placed in Pairing Mode. [. . . ] If the call is not automatically transferred, you can manually transfer the call by briefly pressing the CALL button on the HBM - 760/761 (handset and headset must be paired). Voice dialing* - Briefly press the CALL button to activate “Voice Command Dialing”. You will get the best results if you record the voice dialing tag through your Headset. NOTE: If the handset does not support Voice Dialing, the headset will activate Last Number redial. Last number redial* - Press and hold the CALL button for 1 second to activate “Last Number Redial”. Transferring a call* - While on a call on your handset, briefly press the CALL button to transfer the audio to the Headset. - And to transfer a call from the Headset to Handset, press and hold VOLUME UP button for 5seconds. Call waiting* - Answer a second call without hanging up the first call by pressing the CALL button for 1 second. Call Reject* - Activate Call Reject by pressing the CALL button for 1 second when the handset rings. * It is possible to use these functions only when your handset supports them. For further information about using these features, please consult your handset's user manual. 8 Power off Power on Talking Talking Talking Answering a call Ending a call Call waiting Last number redialing Voice dialing Ringing Talking Talking Idle Start & stop (handset must support) voice command Pairing mode Power off Press the CALL button for 7 seconds. LED indication Function Operating HBM-760/761 Status Action The blue LED light flickers 4 times. 9 Power on Power off Pairing mode Headset / handsfree Profile connected Call connected Charging Charging Charging complete Troubleshooting Precautions Does not turn on Unable to communicate with the LG Bluetooth® Headset HBM-760/761. Press and hold the PWR button for at least 4 seconds to turn on the Headset. Check and make sure With the power off, press and hold the CALL button for the Headset is placed 7 seconds to place the headset in pairing mode. Determine whether your handset supports the Headset or Handsfree profiles. Specification ITEM Bluetooth® specification Battery Stand by time Talk Time Charging time Operation temperature Dimension / weight Adapter rated voltage Description V2. 10 11 Precautions FCC NOTICE TO USERS : Declaration of Confirmation This device complies with part 15 of the FCC rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference and (2) This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. [. . . ] IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION Avoiding hearing damage Permanent hearing loss may occur if you use your headset at a high volume. You can adapt over time to a higher volume of sound that may sound normal but can be damaging to your hearing. If you experience ringing in your ears or muffled speech, stop listening and have your hearing checked. The louder the volume, the less time is required before your hearing could be affected. [. . . ]


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