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[. . . ] Continuous research by our product development team, supported by intensive contract and consultation with test persons and consumers ensure that we kept full up-to-date in the field of child safety. If you have any questions or comments on the use of the Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix, please do not hesitate to contact us. Dorel (see the back of the instruction manual for address and telephone number) GB English 7 Downloaded from www. Shell Belt buckle Crotch strap with belt pad Shoulder belts with belt pads Slots to adjust shoulder belts Support pillow Carrying handle Push button for adjusting carrying handle Belt hook for lap section of safety belt Rear belt hook for shoulder section of safety belt Belt strap for adjusting shoulder belts easily with one Control button of the quick adjuster Control button for attaching car seat to Maxi-Cosi or Quinny frame Belt hooks to hang up shoulder belts Instuctions and airbag warning sticker Rim (for storing sun canopy) Sun canopy (built-in) Instruction manual Storage compartment Attachment rods 8 English Downloaded from www. [. . . ] When not using the Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix, the passenger seat (and headrest) may be adjusted as required. € Prevent damage to the seat by not wedging it between or underneath heavy luggage, adjustable seats or slamming the car door etc. € Make sure that you properly secure all luggage and other objects likely to cause injury in the event of an accident. € Always cover the seat when the car is parked in the sun, as plastic and metal parts can become very hot and the cover may become discoloured. € Always use a car seat, even for short trips, as this is when most accidents occur. Due to the enormous forces released in an accident, it will be impossible to hold onto the baby. PLACING YOUR BABY IN THE MAXI-COSI CABRIOFIX 1 2 3 GB 4 5 • Loosen the shoulder belts by pressing the quick adjuster button (1, 1) and pulling the shoulder belts towards you (1, 2). € Release the belt buckle and drape the belts with the tongue sections over the hooks (2) and pull the buckle forward, attach the loop of the belt pad over the edge of the quick adjuster button (3). € Join the buckle tongue sections together and insert them into the buckle (until it clicks) (4). € Pull the shoulder belts tight using the quick adjuster belt strap on the front. Adjusting the height of the shoulder belts The shoulder belts should run through the slots located directly above the baby’s shoulders. € Place the shoulder belts back, at the required height and use the same slots in both the shell and the cover. € Check to make sure the belts can be used properly and that they are not twisted. € The more tightly the belts are fastened around the child, the better the protection. You should be able to fit no more than one finger between the belts and your child. € When positioning the baby make sure that he/she does not sit on the belts by hanging them to the side behind the belt hooks. Hook the belt pad of the belt that goes between the legs behind the edge of the quick adjuster. € If you are unable to fasten the harness belts properly or pull them tightly, contact your supplier immediately. Removable seat insert The Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix has a removable seat insert (7) to creat a flater lying position for newborn babies and support the head in a sideways direction. When the baby is (approx 4 or 5 months) remove the filling block (8) to make the seat deeper, then you can still use the head support. 1 Installing the Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix with a safety belt The Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix can be fitted safely on almost all forward-facing seats in the car using the existing seat belts. However, the belts are fitted so far forward on some seats that proper installation is not possible. [. . . ] € If the parts show normal wear and tear that may be expected from daily use of a product (wheels, rotating and moving parts etc. ) Date of effect The warranty becomes effective on the date the product is purchased. Warranty term: The warranty period applies for a period of 24 consecutive months. The warranty only applies for the first owner and is not transferable. [. . . ]


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