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[. . . ] An Internet phone of a brand new generation, Meizu bring users countless surprise and joy. Com On our website, users can browse for software, download firmware upgrades, participate in online discussions, learn more using tips, and much more!Because the constant improvements we made for our products, the features found in the user manual users are currently reading may differ from the actual product. Make sure to always download the latest manual from our official website. [. . . ] When turned on, the browser will show landscape display when the phone rotates. Type in appropriate information and the web form will be filled automatically. Open pages in over view: Over view mode shows the entire page, giving users an App Guide 32 Email M351 adopts standard mail system which enables users read and send emails via Email app. Open Email and account page users can read users' mails in Email apps. € Open Email app Tap the Email icon on home screen; if users are using this app for the first time, users need to go through a tour which will lead users to set up users' Email account; after setting up, the app will show users' inbox. The recent Emails will be displayed, while the earlier Emails need to be downloaded by sliding down the screen. Mails users can read and write mails in “Inbox” or any other folders of valid account. Slide right the screen to see a side bar on the left screen, users can tap on the folders such as “Sent”, “ Trash”, “Notes”, etc. On the page of mail list, users can tap on the dot on the right side to select mails and to move the mails to another folder. Replying to emails users can reply, for ward, delete or manage messages users receive. € Reply or for ward Enter the Inbox and tap on a title to see the mail content Reply; Reply all; For ward; App Guide 33 • Mark it as a new (or read) mail When reading a mail, tap “. € Delete a mail users can delete mails by tapping the dot right to the mail title and then tap to delete, or users can tap “. € Starred mails On the mail list page, users can tap on the dot right to the mail title > “Add star ” to mark the mail. Users can slide right the screen to activate side bar and tap “Starred” to see all users' starred mails. In the Email app, slide right the screen to activate side bar, and then open the "Trash" folder. Composing and sending email users can send emails to individual contacts or groups. Enter the recipient's email address; when there is a suggested address from existing contacts users can touch it to add to recipient; 3. Tap the "CC / BCC" button reveal two fields, for "CC" and "BCC" respectively. Hold “Recipient” or “CC/BCC”, the address would be movable, users can drag the address to the column users want; 5. App Guide 34 Adding and editing email accounts The first time users open Email, users are prompted to set up an email account. After this, users can configure the Email app to receive and send email from other accounts. The email setup wizard can help users set up most popular email providers, including those based on POP3, IMAP and SMTP. [. . . ] Hospital operating rooms, emergency rooms, intensive care units and other places. In order to avoid interference with medical devices work , do not use phone. When in an aircraft, follow the aviation safety requirements and turn off your phone when asked to. To protect you and other people's safety while driving, do not use the phone. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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