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[. . . ] Operating instructions for dishwashers It is essential to read the operating and installation instructions before installing or using the machine, to avoid the risk of accident or damage to the machine. Com manuals search engine Guide to the appliance Guide to the appliance View of the machine 1 Upper spray arm (not visible) 2 Cutlery tray (depending on model) 3 Upper basket 4 Water feed for middle spray arm 5 Middle spray arm 6 Water hardness selector 7 Lower spray arm 8 Four height adjustable screw feet 9 Filter combination 10 Salt reservoir 11 Dual compartment detergent dispenser 12 Rinse aid reservoir (with dosage selector) 13 Data plate 4 Downloaded from www. Com manuals search engine Guide to the appliance Control panel (fascia) 14 “On/Off” button 15 Programme sequence display 16 Start button 17 Programme selector 18 Check/Refill indicators 19 Child safety lock 20 Door release 5 Downloaded from www. Com manuals search engine Warning and safety instructions Warning and safety instructions This appliance conforms to current safety requirements. [. . . ] The glue used in these items is not dishwasher-proof and wooden handles may come loose after being washed in a dishwasher. € Craft items, antiques, valuable vases and decorative glassware are also not suitable for dishwashers. € Copper, brass, tin and aluminium items may discolour or become matt. € Items with colours painted over a glaze may fade after many washes. We recommend: – When purchasing new crockery and cutlery, make sure they are dishwasher-proof. € If delicate glassware is washed in the dishwasher ensure that only very low temperatures are used (see programme chart). Please note Silverware previously cleaned with a silver polish may still be damp or spotted at the end of a programme, where water has not run off smoothly. Silver treated in a silver immersion dip is usually dry at the end of a programme but may discolour. A grease filter) must not be cleaned with caustic alkaline commercial or industrial cleaning agents. these may damage material , or in extreme cases , cause severe chemical reaction. See section “Adding detergent” for information on suitable detergents. Com manuals search engine Operating the dishwasher Operating the dishwasher Adding detergent Only use detergents formulated for domestic dishwashers. You can use conventional powder detergent, tablets or liquid dishwasher detergent. Detergent tablets should only be put into compartment II if this is recommended by the manufacturer. If the manufacturer recommends inserting tablets in the cutlery basket do not do so. Instead place them on the inside of the door or directly into the wash cabinet. Detergent manufacturers give the required amount of detergent for a particular programme on their packaging. If the manufacturer recommends a larger amount of detergent, use the amount recommended. Please note Failure to dispense the recommended amount of detergent may impair cleaning results. Type 3 detergents are more environmentally friendly, however: Phosphate-free detergent reacts more sensitively to water hardness than detergent containing phosphates. The following problems may occur: – Increased etching in the form of a bluish sheen on the surface of glassware – Discolouration of silverware – Colours painted over a glaze may fade. Appearances of this nature are generally caused by the detergent used and are not attributable to any malfunctioning of the dishwasher itself. [. . . ] Carefully replace the non-return valve and secure it with the locking clamp. Com manuals search engine After sales service After sales service Should you still have any difficulties, please contact: – Your Miele Dealer or – The Miele Service Department See back cover for addresses. This information can be found on the data plate at the top of the door. Please note that telephone calls may be monitored and recorded to improve our service. [. . . ]


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