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[. . . ] Operating instructions for dishwashers It is essential to read these operating instructions before installing or using the machine, to avoid risk of accident or damage to the machine. Com manuals search engine Guide to the appliance Guide to the appliance Miele dishwashers are available in three versions: 1. €Freestanding“ dishwashers “Freestanding“ dishwashers do not require any special installation fixings in the kitchen. A decor frame can be added to take a panel for matching the dishwasher to the kitchen fronts. [. . . ] There are horizontal markers to assist with dispensing in compartment II, indicating the level in ml. Com manuals search engine Programme selection Programme selection Choose your programme according to the type of load and how dirty it is. These programmes are ideally suited to everyday loads, mixed loads with varying degrees of soiling. For particular needs there are special programmes: The different programmes and their uses are described on the next two pages in the Programme chart. Com manuals search engine Programme chart Programme chart Programme When to use Detergent A1) Compart- Compartment ment I II (Pre-wash) (Wash cycle) B2) Compartment II (Wash cycle) Universal Programmes UNIVERSAL 55 ° 3) UNIVERSAL 65 ° UNIVERSAL PLUS 55 ° UNIVERSAL PLUS 65 ° ECONOMY 55 ° COLD 4) PRE-WASH This programme is for normal everyday loads as UNIVERSAL 55 °, but higher temperatures for stubborn dried on particles as UNIVERSAL 55 °, but with preliminary pre-wash for heavy soiling as UNIVERSAL PLUS 55 °, but higher wash temperature for stubborn dried on particles and lightly soiled pots and pans 20 % 20 % 20 % 20 % 80% 80 % 80 % 80 % 100 % 100 % 100 % 100 % Special programmes for full loads with very light soiling, e. Coffee cups, or: for half a, normal everyday load for rinsing crockery to avoid smells if a complete cycle is not needed 50 % 50 % The amount dispensed will depend on the type of detergent being used: A 1) Use this method for: – detergents which contain phosphates and chlorine (except liquid detergent) Divide the total amount proportionally between compartment I and compartment II. B 2) Use this method for: – detergent which is chlorine and phosphate free – detergent which is chlorine free but contains phosphates – liquid detergent In this instance the whole amount is placed in compartment II. For UNIVERSAL programmes use at least 30 ml (or g) detergent unless advised to use more by the manufacturer, then use what they advise. ) Drying- Water Water Litres Water Water phase cold hot cold hot (15 °C) (55 °C) (15 °C) (55 °C) X X X X X X X 55 ° X 65 ° X 55 ° X 65 ° X X X X X 65 ° X 65 ° X 65 ° X 65 ° X X X X 1. 06 16 5 685) 8 585) 8 5) with half loads (6 place settings) 31 Downloaded from www. Com manuals search engine Switching on and off Switching on and off Switching on Close the door Open the stopcock (if it is closed). If you turn the selector past the “start point” by mistake: Turn the temperature selector switch to “0-Off”. UNIVERSAL PLUS to UNIVERSAL it is advisable to first turn the dishwasher off. Turn the Programme selector switch (programme sequence indicator) clockwise, until a resistance is felt, to the “start point” of the required programme, e. Then turn the Temperature selector switch to the required temperature e. If it is left closed, the fan will continue for a few more minutes to diminish any remaining moisture. Only open the door if absolutely necessary and exercise caution when doing so. If the door is closed again the programme will continue from the position it was at when it was interrupted. Com manuals search engine Remove load Remove load Hot crockery will chip and break more easily. After switching off let it cool down in the dishwasher until it is comfortable enough to handle, before you unload it. If you open the door fully after switching off, the crockery will cool down much faster. First unload the bottom basket, then the upper basket and then the cutlery tray (if you have one) at the very end. [. . . ] Replacement fuse covers may be purchased from your local electrical suppliers, or Miele Service Agent. (The German standard version is supplied with a cable and moulded plug for connection to a 230 V single phase supply. Com manuals search engine Plumbing Plumbing Connection to the water inlet Water in the dishwasher must not be used as drinking water. When connected to a hot water supply all programme stages which would otherwise be carried out with cold water (pre-wash and interim rinse) as well as the COLD PREWASH will be carried out with hot water. [. . . ]


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