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[. . . ] Operating Instructions 30" Induction Range To prevent accidents and damage to the range, you must read all instructions supplied before installing or using the appliance. 09 898 021 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS  WARNING Children and adults can tip over the range if has not been secured. Ά This range must be secured and connected using the anti-tip device according to the installation instructions. Ά If you have moved the range, slide the locking latch onto the anti Do not use the range if the anti-tip device has not been properly  Failure to observe the information contained in the installation instructions can lead to serious or fatal injuries for children and adults. [. . . ] To turn a cooking program on and off automatically, you have a choice of how to enter the time parameters: – – – Duration Duration Ready at and Ready at and Start at and Start at It is now 11:30. Com manuals search engine Additional functions Sequence of a cooking program that turns on and off automatically Up until the start time the mode, the selected temperature, Start at and the start time will appear in the display. After the program has started you can follow the preheating phase in the display until the required temperature has been reached. Once this temperature is reached, a buzzer will sound if turned on (see "Settings - Volume - Buzzer tone"). After the preheating phase the remaining time will appear in the display. At the end of the cooking process a buzzer will sound if turned on (see "Settings - Volume - Buzzer tones"). You have the option to save the program as a Favorite (see "Favorites") or to increase the cooking duration using Change. The oven heating and lighting will turn off, and any durations set will be deleted. Com manuals search engine Moisture Plus  Your oven is equipped with a steam injection system for cooking with moisture. Baking, roasting and cooking with Moisture Plus  guarantees optimized steam and air conduction for excellent cooking and browning results. After selecting Moisture Plus  you need to set the temperature and the number of bursts of steam. Available options are: – Automatic burst of steam – When roasting meat with a high fat content, injecting steam at the beginning of roasting will help render the fat. Moisture Plus is not suitable for mixtures which contain a lot of moisture, such as choux pastry and meringues, as the addition of steam does not allow them to dry out sufficiently. The burst of steam will be injected into the oven automatically after the heating-up phase. 1 Burst of steam 2 Bursts of steam 3 Bursts of steam – You have to release the bursts of steam yourself. The water is injected as bursts of steam into the oven cavity during the cooking program. The steam inlets are located at the rear left corner of the roof of the oven. The number of bursts of steam and when they are injected will depend on the type of food being cooked: – Yeast doughs will rise better if steam is injected at the beginning of the program. € Bread and rolls will also rise better if exposed to steam at the start. Injecting a burst of steam at the end of the program will give the bread and rolls a shiny crust. Com manuals search engine Moisture Plus  Cooking with the Moisture Plus  function It is normal for condensation to form on the inside of the door during steam injection. ΁ Prepare the food and place in the oven if no preheating is required. [. . . ] ΁ Set the odor reduction catalyzer to a lower level or turn it off (see "Settings - Catalyzer"). Make sure the heating elements are turned off and allowed to cool completely. ΁ Loosen the bulb cover with the tool supplied at the back of the frame. ΁ Replace it with a new halogen bulb (Sylvania 66740, 120 V, 40 W, G9, FS1). [. . . ]


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