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[. . . ] MC3200 USER GUIDE MN000886A03-A - July 2017 3 | Copyrights Copyrights The products described in this document may include copyrighted computer programs. Laws in the United States and other countries preserve for certain exclusive rights for copyrighted computer programs. Accordingly, any copyrighted computer programs contained in the products described in this document may not be copied or reproduced in any manner without the express written permission. No part of this document may be reproduced, transmitted, stored in a retrieval system, or translated into any language or computer language, in any form or by any means, without the prior written permission. [. . . ] To configure the MC32N0, a set of wireless applications provide the tools to configure and test the wireless radio in the MC32N0. Refer to the Wireless Fusion Enterprise Mobility Suite User Guide for Version X2. See Software Versions on page xii to determine the Fusion version on the MC32N0. Note: Select the Country for the MC32N0’s country of operation. The access point prompts for the correct country code on the first login. A warning message also displays stating an incorrect country setting may result in illegal radio operation. Selecting the correct country is central to legally operating the access point. Each country has its own regulatory restrictions concerning electromagnetic emissions and the maximum RF signal that can be transmitted. To ensure compliance with national and local laws, set the country accurately. MC32N0 users cannot configure their access point until country code is set. Figure 86: Wireless Applications Menu Many of the items in the menu invoke one of the Fusion applications. These menu items and their corresponding applications are summarized below: • • Find WLANs – Invokes the Find WLANs application which displays a list of the WLANs active in your area. The Wireless Application menu on the task tray provides the following wireless applications: Manage Profiles – Invokes the Manage Profiles application (which includes the Profile Editor Wizard) to manage and edit your list of WLAN profiles. Using the MC32N0 with Windows CE | 99 • • • • • • Manage Certs – Invokes the Certificate Manager application which allows you to manage certificates used for authentication. Manage PACs – Invokes the PAC Manager application which helps you manage the list of Protected Access Credentials used with EAP-FAST authentication. Options – Invokes the Options application which allows you to configure the Fusion option settings. Wireless Status – Invokes the Wireless Status application which allows you to view the status of the current wireless connection. Wireless Diagnostics – Invokes the Wireless Diagnostics application which provides tools with which to diagnose problems with the wireless connection. Log On/Off – Invokes the Network Login dialog which allows you to log on to a particular profile or to log off from the currently active profile. Enable/Disable Radio Hide Menu Exit Additional Wireless Launcher menu entries include: • • • Signal Strength Icon The Signal Strength icon in the task tray indicates the mobile computer’s wireless signal strength as follows: Table 19: Signal Strength Icons Descriptions Icon Status Excellent signal strength Very good signal strength Good signal strength Description Wireless LAN network is ready to use. Notify the network administrator that the signal strength is only “Fair”. Notify the network administrator that the signal strength is “Poor”. [. . . ] The icon appears in the taskbar on WinCE devicea and the icon appears on the Status bar on Android devices. Press and release the orange key again to return to the default keypad functions. With the orange key activated, the 2, 4, 6, and 8 keys produce scroll functions and the 5 key produces a select function. With the FUNC key activated, 7 produces the ESC function and 9 produces the TAB function. [. . . ]


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