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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] User Guide Contents Check it out Get Started First look Insert the SIM and microSD cards Charge up & power on Sign in Connect to Wi-Fi Explore by touch Improve battery life Learn the basics Home screen Help & more Search Notifications App notifications Volume Do not disturb Lock screen Quick settings Speak Direct Share Picture-in-Picture Customize your phone Redecorate your home screen Choose apps & widgets Customize sounds & appearance Discover Moto Apps Phone Messages Chrome™ Camera Photos Gmail™ Duo Moto Calendar More apps Google Play™ Contacts Maps Drive Music, movies, TV & Youtube Clock Connect, share & sync Connect with Wi-Fi Connect with Bluetooth wireless Share files with your computer Share your data connection Print Sync to the cloud Use a memory card Airplane mode Mobile network Protect your phone Screen lock Screen pinning Backup & restore Encrypt your phone Your privacy App safety Data usage Troubleshoot your phone Restart or remove an app Restart your phone Check for software update Reset Stolen phone Accessibility Create a shortcut Make your phone speak Speak to your phone Change your phone’s display Change your phone’s sounds Hearing aids (U. Only) Get more help Where is my legal, safety, & regulatory information?Service & repairs Copyright & trademarks Check it out When you’re up and running, explore what your phone can do. Location Quick settings Customize your phone Camera Moto Apps Keep your info safe. [. . . ] »» Swipe to shrink screen: Swipe down to the left or right corner to make the screen smaller for one-handed use. »» Pick up to stop ringing: Lift the phone to switch incoming calls to vibrate. More apps Google Play™ Google Play is a digital content experience from Google where you can find and enjoy your favorite music, movies, TV shows, books, magazines, and Android apps and games. 2 PM Pick up snacks for the party 3 PM Change the calendar view, adjust settings, get help, and more. Contacts Combine information from your Google™ contacts and social networks for quick access to everyone you know. See 4 PM 5 PM Google Calendar screen with today’s events shown by the hour. »» Change the view: Tap the month at the top to choose a date to view. To Tip: Alternatively, tap a time on the calendar to enter event details. »» Show, edit, or delete events: Tap an event to open it, then tap edit and tap > DELETE to remove the event. Tap an event »» Show, hide, or add calendars: Tap to show or hide calendars from your Google™ account. You can use a computer to add or remove calendars on your Google account at www. Touch and hold an empty spot on the home screen, tap WIDGETS, then touch and hold the Calendar widget and drag it to your home screen. more apps 11:35 Contacts Sort contacts , change settings , accounts , & more. Favorites Set your most-used contacts as favorites, so you can get to them faster. A Abe »» To see your favorites, swipe up A Alison Allie Starred contacts also appear on your SPEED DIAL list in the Tap to view contact information, call, send a text message, and more. »» To add your social networking contacts, swipe up accounts, then tap Add account. »» To add your email contacts, see Gmail™. Tip: If you add an Exchange account, you can send messages to your coworkers, even if you don’t have them stored in your contacts. »» To import contacts from your SIM card (if it didn’t happen automatically), swipe up > Contacts > Menu > Settings > Import > SIM card. »» To import contacts from your computer, upload the contacts to your Google account > Contacts > Menu at http://contacts. »» Edit or delete: Tap a contact, then tap »» Search contacts: In the Contacts list, tap »» Call, text, or email: Tap a contact, then tap an option. Tip: From the home screen, tap the Google search box and enter a contact’s name. [. . . ] Setting brightness to a high level decreases your phone’s battery life. Only) To help get a clear sound when using a hearing aid or cochlear implant, your phone may have been rated for use with hearing aids. If your phone’s box has “Rated for Hearing Aids” printed on it, then please read the following guidance. You may also want to consult your hearing health professional, who should be able to help you get the best results. [. . . ]


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