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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] € ARNING: During and after W use, do not touch the keep warm plate, subjected to residual heat. € e sure to manipulate only B the handle of glass jug during heating until it has completely cooled down. 11 EN • his appliance may be used • The coffee-maker shall not be T by children of at least 8 years placed in a cabinet when in use of age, as long as they are • Before plugging the appliance in, make uses corresponds to supervised and have been sure that the power itsystem and that the your electrical supply given instructions about using outlet is earthed. The electrical the appliance safely and are • Any error in guarantee. [. . . ] Do not touch the Usefirst time using themaker withoutacoffee the equivalent of jug of hot surfaces of the appliance. 12 * Depending on model Preparing the coffee (Follow figures 1 to 9) •  se only cold water and filter paper n°2 or U 4 (fig. €  o not exceed the maximum quantity of D water indicated by the water level on the tank. €  his cafetière is equipped with a drip-stop T so you can pour a coffee before the end of the cycle. Quickly replace the carafe or insulated jug* after serving to prevent spillage. €  round Coffee: Use one measuring spoon G of ground coffee per large cup. €  o not make another pot of coffee if the D jug already contains coffee. €  he lid of the isothermal pot must be T closed properly when preparing coffee and to keep it warm. € To serve coffee, press the lever on the lid of the isothermal pot downwards or unscrew the lid half way*. €  inse the thermal pot in hot water before R using so that it retains heat better and do not put it back inside the coffee maker after you have prepared the coffee. €  he thermal pot keeps your coffee warm T for a maximum of four hours. aroma selector* (see figure n°7) •  he 'Aroma' button (fig. €  or a more full-bodied coffee, turn the F aroma selector to the largest coffee granule setting or press the Aroma* button. A few minutes after EN there is no more water in the tank), your coffee machine will turn off automatically. Reheating the coffee •  o not put the glass jug into the D microwave. Cleaning •  o dispose of the used coffee grounds, T remove the filter paper (fig. €  nplug the appliance from the wall socket U outlet, and allow the coffee maker to completely cool down. €  ever immerse the appliance, the power N cord or plug in water or any other liquid. dishwasher: • he removable filter holder is not T dishwasher safe. €  nly glass jugs without a metal band can O be placed in the dishwasher (without lid). [. . . ] σ eave it at a local civic waste L   collection point or at an approved service centre, where it will be disposed of properly. € European Directive 2012/19/EU on Waste  Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), stipulates that used household appliances must not be disposed of in normal unsorted municipal waste. Old appliances must be collected separately to optimise the sorting and recycling of their parts and to reduce the impact on human health and the environment. L •  ænd for kaffemaskinen igen, for at lade T resten løbe igennem. [. . . ]


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