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Manual abstract: user guide MOULINEX PAIN & DELICES 1 KG OW240E30

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] • This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by an adult responsible for their safety. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance. • Use the appliance on a stable work surface away from water splashes and under no circumstances in a cubby-hole in a built-in kitchen. • Make sure that the power it uses corresponds to your electrical supply system. • It is compulsory to connect your appliance to a socket with an earth. [. . . ] In the case of a strictly gluten-free diet, take care that the yeast used is also gluten-free. The dough sticks to the sides and must be scraped down with a flexible plastic spatula during kneading. Gluten-free bread will be of a denser consistency and paler than normal bread. Reducing salt consumption can help reduce the risks of cardio-vascular problems. This bread is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, thanks to a complete and nutritionally balanced recipe. Omega 3 fatty acids contribute to the proper function of the cardiovascular system. The damper is based on a traditional Australian recipe, cooked on hot stones. only, adjustable in steps of 10 min, with light medium or dark browning. It can be selected alone and used: a) with the Bread Dough programme, b) to reheat cooked and cooled breads or to make them crusty, c) to finish cooking in case of a prolonged electricity cut during a bread baking cycle. To interrupt the cycle before it is finished, the programme can be stopped manually by holding down the . It is a kneading and rising programme for all leavened doughs such as pizza dough, rolls, sweet buns. Selecting a programme Choosing a programme triggers a series of steps which are carried out automatically one after another. Yo poon fat fr as fa not u Practical advice If there is a power cut: if, during the cycle, the programme is interrupted by a power cut or mishandling, the machine has a 7-min protection time during which the settings are saved. If you plan to run a second programme bake a second loaf, open the lid and wait 1 hour before beginning the second preparation. To turn out your loaf of bread: it may happen that the kneading paddles remain stuck in the loaf when it is turned out. In this case, use the hook accessory as follows: > once the loaf is turned out, lay it on its side while still hot and hold it down with one hand, wearing an oven glove, > with the other hand, insert the hook in the axis of the kneading paddle - M, > pull gently to release the kneading paddle - M, > repeat for the second kneading paddle, > turn the loaf upright and stand on a grid to cool. Eggs colou ment reduc tiona quid indic for o add a flour. Milk: If us water vour bread subst volum cipe. avoid an em ness, M Wate yeast and h can b other Flour cantl pend resul 20 MLX-PAIN & DELICES 1 KG OW240E30-NC00020607_MLX-PAIN & DELICES 1 KG OW240E30-NC00020607 28/12/10 11:03 Page21 INGREDIENTS Fats and oils: fats make the bread softer and tastier. If you use butter, cut it into tiny pieces so that it is distributed evenly throughout the preparation, or soften it. Keep the fat from coming into contact with the yeast, as fat can prevent yeast from rehydrating. Eggs: eggs make the dough richer, improve the colour of the bread and encourage the development of the soft, white part. If you use eggs, reduce the quantity of liquid you use proportionally. Break the egg and top up with the liquid until you reach the quantity of liquid indicated in the recipe. Recipes are designed for one 50 g size egg; if your eggs are bigger, add a little flour; if they are smaller, use less flour. [. . . ] Only active dried yeast (in small granules) must be mixed with a little tepid water before use. Choose a temperature close to 35°C, less and it will not rise as well, more will make it lose its rising power. Keep to the stated amounts and remember to multiply the quantities if you use fresh yeast (see equivalents chart below). Equivalents in quantity/weight between dried yeast and fresh yeast: Dried yeast (in tsp. ) 1 1, 5 2 2, 5 3 3, 5 4 4, 5 5 Fresh yeast (in g) 9 13 18 22 25 31 36 40 45 Additives (dried fruit or nuts, olives. ): add a personal touch to your recipes by adding whatever ingredients you want, taking care: > to add following the beep for additional ingredients, especially those that are fragile such as dried fruit, > to add the most solid grains (such as linseed or sesame) at the start of the kneading process to facilitate use of the machine (delayed starting, for example), > to thoroughly drain moist ingredients (olives), > to lightly flour fatty ingredients for better blending, > not to add too large a quantity of additional ingredients, especially cheese, fresh fruit and fresh vegetables, as they can affect the development of the dough, respect the quantities indicated in the recipes, > to finely chop nuts as they can cut through the loaf structure and reduce the cooked height, > to have no ingredients fallen outside the pan. CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE • Unplug the appliance. [. . . ]


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