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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ]  The maximum number of place settings to be washed by this dishwasher is 2 place settings. eN-2 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS  The dishwasher must only be used for the washing of household dishes, cooking utensils, fruit and baby bottles.  Do not open the door during a wash cycle as hot steam and water may be ejected.  If you are discarding an old appliance with a lock / latch fitted to the door, ensure that it is in a disabled condition to avoid the entrapment of children when playing. [. . . ] Repeatedly press to adjust the setting from H1 to H6 to suit the water hardness. Without any operation in five seconds, the dishwasher will exit from the set mode and the setting will be confirmed. It is recommended to select the level according to the below table: WATER HARDNESS Display °dH °fH mmol/l 0~5 0~9 0~0. Remove the basket and then unscrew and remove the cap from the salt container. NOTE: The salt container must only be refilled when the refill salt indicator light illuminates. Depending on how fully the salt dissolves, the refill salt indicator light may still be on even though the salt container is filled. Filling the Dispenser The rinse aid is released during the final rinse to prevent water from forming droplets on your dishes and utensils, which can leave spots and streaks. Concentrated detergent Based on the chemical composition, detergents can be split in two basic types:  Low alkaline concentrated detergents with natural enzymes. The use of ECO washing program in combination with concentrated detergent reduces pollution and is good for your dishes. EN-9 Detergent tablets Detergent tablets of different brands dissolve at different speeds. For this reason, some detergent tablets cannot dissolve and develop their full cleaning power during washing programs with short washing time. Therefore, please use programs with longer washing time when using detergent tablets to ensure the complete removal of detergent residuals. adding detergent  The detergent must be refilled before the start of each wash cycle following the instructions provided in the Washing Programs table. Generally, only one tablespoon of detergent is needed for a normal wash load. ) The place to add the detergent Washing Programs Program Degree of soil This is standard program and suitable to clean normally soiled tableware and it is the most efficient program in terms of its combined energy and water consumption for that type of tableware. For lightly soiled loads that need no excellent drying efficiency A shorter wash for lightly soiled loads and quick wash Suitable for washing fruit with surfaces of a certain size, such as apple, grape, jujube. Not suitable for fruits with a weak surface Cycle Detergent Description Energy Water (Kwh) (L) *ECO Wash (55°C) Rinse Rinse(68°C) Drying 6g 160 0. 2 5 EN-10 Fruit wash (Cold) Suitable for fruits with a weak surface, such as strawberries Rinse Wash (69°C) Rinse Rinse (70°C) Drying / 6 0. 01 5 Baby care Suitable for washing (adding baby bottles steam) / 120 0. The information for comparability test in accordance with EN 50242 are as follows: The power consumption in left-on mode is 0. Add the required amount of detergent into the dispenser according to the “Washing Programs” table. Select the desired washing program using the buttons for about 2 seconds to switch on , , and . [. . . ] The device meets the European standards and the directives in the current version at delivery: LVD 2014/35/EU EMC 2014/30/EU ErP 2009/125/EC The above values have been measured in accordance with standards under specified operating conditions, amount of detergents, etc. The manual is based on the European Union’s standards and rules. EN-18 420 435 4 43 0 5 75 0 Unit: mm DISPOSAL As a responsible retailer we care about the environment. As such we urge you to follow the correct disposal procedure for the appliance and packaging materials. [. . . ]


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