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[. . . ] € Never immerse the kettle, its base or the power cord and plug in water or any other liquid. Always have them replaced by the manufacturer, its after-sales service or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid danger. € Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance. € Children should not clean or perform maintenance procedures on the appliance unless they are supervised by a responsible adult. [. . . ] 1) –– Automatic opening lid: press the button at the top of the handle. (fig 4) –– Lockable lid: turn the lid to the left to unlock it and lift it. (fig 5) To close the lid, press it down firmly or turn it to the right in the case of the lockable lid. In case the lid is lost or broken, please contact your after-sales service center. (fig 6) • You can fill it through the spout, which ensures better maintenance of the filter. (according to the model) • Never fill the kettle when it is on its base. € Do not fill it above the maximum level, or below the minimum level. FOR KETTLES THAT FEATURE A TEMPERATURE SWITCH Select the temperature according to your needs: Position for boiling water or position for the ideal temperature for drinking immediately. TO START THE KETTLE Press the on/off button positioned on the top or the bottom of the handle according to the model. FOR KETTLES THAT FEATURE A TEMPERATURE SWITCH if you move quickly from position to position after heating the water, the kettle has to reinitialise. If you think that this is taking a long time, you can add cold water to speed up the start of heating. THE KETTLE WILL SWITCH OFF AUTOMATICALLY as soon as the water reaches boiling point or the chosen temperature. You can stop it manually, before removing it from its base to pour the water. Depending on the model, the interior light and the indicator light will go out when the water reaches boiling point. Make sure that the on/off button is in the off position after boiling and that the kettle has switched off before removing it from its base. € Do not leave water in the kettle after use as this quickens the formation of scale. € Never immerse the kettle, its base, the cord or the electric plug in water: the electrical connections or the switch must not come into contact with water. CLEANING THE FILTER (ACCORDING TO THE MODEL) (fig 9) The removable filter consists of a mesh to retain the particles of scale and prevent them falling into your cup when pouring. With very hard water, the filter can clog very quickly (10 to 15 uses). If it is wet, put it under a running tap, if dry, then brush it gently. Sometimes the scale will not detach itself; it will then need descaling. DE-SCALING De-scale regularly, preferably at least once a month or more frequently if your water is very hard. [. . . ] € In order to avoid any accident: do not carry your child or baby at the same time as drinking or carrying a hot drink. eNVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION Your appliance contains many recoverable or recyclable materials. HVIS ELKEDLEN HAR EN TEMPERATURVÆLGER: Man man vælge temperatur efter behov: Position for kogende vand eller position for en ideel temperatur til at drikke med det samme. Hvis tiden forekommer for lang kan man hælde koldt vand på, for at starte varmefasen hurtigere. [. . . ]


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