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[. . . ] Be careful if you drive the robot backwards as it could fall off of your stairs or cliff if you don’t stop it. Tips To keep your robot out of places you don’t want it to go, set down boundary markers included in the package. You can use removable tape such as gaffer tape or painters’ tape to keep boundary markers flat on the floor. To put Neato to sleep, press and hold the button for 2 seconds and the light on the screen will go off. [. . . ] Directed cleaning with MANUAL Clean •  Lets you direct the path of the robot while it is cleaning. €  MANUAL Clean works only if the robot and the smart phone or tablet are connected to the same internet service. Instant Notifications •  Learn when your robot is done cleaning, alerts, and other information. Setting up your robot with the Neato app 8 App Set-Up Download the Neato app from the App Store or Google Play. We recommend using the Neato app so you can control your robot and receive notifications via your smartphone or tablet. You will be prompted to: •  Create a Neato account  or Sign In to existing account •  Verify your account via email  (if new account) •  Add/Setup your robot The robot day and time will automatically be set. NOTE Before you begin, here’s what you will need: •  Your home Wi-Fi name and password •  Fully charged robot The Neato app can run on multiple devices in a household. Just download the Neato app to other devices and sign in to the same My Neato account using the username and password used to setup the robot. Robot setup without the Neato app 9 You may use your Neato robot without Wi-Fi or Neato app, but you will be missing out on extra convenience and functionality. Follow these steps for setup without Wi-Fi: Use right to highlight Settings. Main Menu Set Day and Time Day and Time must be set before you can schedule your Neato robot for automatic cleaning. You must turn Wi-Fi off before setting Day and Time Press SELECT on Home screen to go to the Main Menu. Cleaning Schedule Settings About Turn Wi-Fi Off If the robot screen is off, press Neato. 12:00 AM Main Menu Wednesday Settings Day and Time Language Cleaning Schedule Settings About 12:00 AM If there is no Wi-Fi icon on top left of the robot screen, then Wi-Fi is Off. If there is a Wi-Fi icon in upper left, press SELECT to go to Main Menu. Wednesday Wi-Fi Link Smart Device Wi-Fi Unchecked box means Wi-Fi is OFF Wi-Fi Checked box means Wi-Fi is ON Use to highlight: Settings. Using your Neato robot with the robot control panel 10 If the robot screen is off, press your Neato robot. to wake up Pause , Stop , Return to Start Press or to Pause Cleaning. When ready to continue, press to make your selection on the robot screen to: •  Resume Cleaning •  Stop Cleaning •  Return to Start or Base Cleaning Paused Resume Cleaning Stop Cleaning Return to Start Start Cleaning CLEAN House Press to clean your house. CLEAN Spot Press on the robot for 1-pass clean of a 7’ x 7’ / 2m x 2m square. [. . . ] Use the cleaning tool blade to cut and remove hair and comb to remove dirt from the brush. More Info 14 Accessories You can find information about accessories and replacement parts for your Neato robot at NeatoRobotics. Always purchase Neato Genuine accessories and parts: •  Filters •  Brushes •  Boundary Markers •  Batteries •  Cleaning Tool •  Dirt Bin •  Charge Base Using unauthorized or 3rd party accessories (non-Neato Genuine) can damage your robot and void your warranty. €  Filters - every 1 to 2 months •  Batteries – every 12 to 18 months Register Your Neato Even if you are not using the Neato app, you can stay up to date on software releases and special offers by registering your robot. [. . . ]


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