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[. . . ] Built-in oven [en] INSTRUCTION MANUAL B57CR22. 0 en Table of contents NOITCURTSNI ] ne [ 8 Intended use . . 27 . 27 . 31 . 33 . 34 . 35 . 37 . 39 . 40 . 41 . 41 . 43 . 43 . 44 . 45 . 46 . 47 . 47 . 47 1 Operating the appliance . Changing or cancelling the appliance operation Heating up the appliance quickly . 17 3 en Intended use Produktinfo Additional information on products, accessories, replacement parts and services can be found at www. neff-international. com and in the online shop www. neff-eshop. com 8Intended use e s u dedne t n I Read these instructions carefully. [. . . ] FD no. : Warning – Risk of electric shock! When replacing the cooking compartment bulb, the bulb socket contacts are live. Before replacing the bulb, unplug the appliance from the mains or switch off the circuit breaker in the fuse box. : Warning – Risk of burns! The appliance becomes very hot. Never touch the interior surfaces of the cooking compartment or the heating elements. Pull out the bulb – do not turn it (figure "). to prevent damage. Insert the new bulb, making sure that the pins are in the correct position. Remove the tea towel and switch on the circuit breaker. Glass cover If the glass cover of the halogen bulb is damaged, it must be replaced. Please specify the E number and FD number of your appliance. 26 Tested for you in our cooking studio en JTested for you in our cooking studio o i d u t s g n i k o c r u o n i u o y r o f d e t s eT Here, you can find a selection of dishes and the ideal settings for them. We will show you which type of heating and temperature are best suited to your dish. You will get information on suitable cooking accessories and the height at which they should be placed in the oven. Note: A lot of steam can build up in the cooking compartment when cooking food. Your appliance is very energy-efficient and radiates very little heat to its surroundings during operation. Due to the high difference in temperature between the appliance interior and the external parts of the appliance, condensation may build up on the door, control panel or adjacent kitchen cabinet panels. Condensation can be reduced by preheating the oven or opening the door carefully. Baking on several levels Use CircoTherm. Baked items that are placed into the oven on trays or in baking tins/dishes at the same time will not necessarily be ready at the same time. Baking on two levels: ■ Universal pan: Level 3 Baking tray: Level 1 ■ Baking tins/dishes on the wire rack First wire rack: Level 3 Second wire rack: Level 1 Baking on three levels: ■ Baking tray: Level 4 Universal pan: Level 3 Baking tray: Level 1 Baking on four levels: ■ 4 wire racks with greaseproof paper First wire rack: Level 4 Second wire rack: Level 3 Third wire rack: Level 2 Fourth wire rack: Level 1 By preparing several dishes at the same time, you can make energy savings of up to 45 per cent. Position baking tins/dishes next to one another or offset and vertically stacked in the cooking compartment. Accessories Ensure that you always use suitable accessories and that they are placed in the oven the right way around. Wire rack Insert the wire rack with the open side facing the appliance door and the outer rail pointing downwards. Universal pan or baking tray Slide the universal pan or the baking tray in carefully as far as the limit stop with the bevelled edge facing the appliance door. When baking moist cakes or pastries with many toppings, use the universal pan so that any excess liquid does not overflow and make the cooking compartment dirty. Tinplate baking tins, ceramic dishes and glass dishes extend baking time and mean that the baked item will not brown evenly. If you wish to bake using these baking tins/dishes and using top/bottom heating, slide in the tin/dish at level 1. Greaseproof paper Only use greaseproof paper that is suitable for the selected temperature. [. . . ] 25-30 10-20 20-40 15-25 Yeast dough, heavy and rich Bowl Baking tray 46 Tested for you in our cooking studio en Defrosting Use heating type "CircoTherm" to defrost frozen fruit, vegetables and baked items. Poultry, meat and fish should ideally be defrosted in the refrigerator. Use the following shelf positions when defrosting: ■ 1 wire rack: Level 2 ■ 2 wire racks: Level 3+1 Recommended setting values The times in the table are average values. They are dependent on the quality, freezing temperature (-18 °C) and composition of the food. [. . . ]


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