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[. . . ] T48. D1. . . Hob [en] INSTRUCTION MANUAL 2 Ø = cm en Table of contents NOITCURTSNI ] ne [ 8 Intended use . 14 Additional information on products, accessories, replacement parts and services can be found at www. neff-international. com and in the online shop www. neff-eshop. com O Time-setting options . 16 3 en Intended use 8Intended use e s u dedne t n I Read these instructions carefully. Please keep the instruction and installation manual, as well as the appliance certificate, in a safe place for later use or for subsequent owners. [. . . ] Notes The same cooking time can be set automatically for all hotplates. The set time for each of the hotplates counts down independently from the others. You can find information on automatically programming the cooking time in section ~ "Basic settings" ■ If the Combi Zone or Move function is selected for the combined hotplate, the set time for both hotplates is the same. ■ Changing or deleting the time Select a hotplate. Touch the 0 symbol and use the @ or A symbols to change the cooking time, or set the time to ‹‹. Notes If a cooking time was programmed for several hotplates, the time information for the selected hotplate is shown in the timer display. ■ You can set a cooking time of up to 99 minutes. ■ 14 PowerBoost function en The kitchen timer You can use the kitchen timer to set a time of up to 99 minutes. This functions independently from the hotplates and from other settings. Touch the vPowerBoost function no i t cnu f t so BrewoP The PowerBoost function enables you to heat up large quantities of water faster than when using heat setting Š. 0 symbol repeatedly until the V indicator lights up. After a few seconds, the time begins to count down. Changing or cancelling the cooking time Touch the 0 symbol repeatedly until the V indicator lights up. By pressing the 0 symbol, the displays go out and the audible signal ceases. This function can always be activated for a hotplate, provided the other hotplate in the same group is not in use (see illustration). Otherwise, ˜ and Š will flash in the display for the selected hotplate; the Š heat setting will then be set automatically without activating the function. Note: In the combi zone, the PowerBoost function can only be activated if the two hotplates are used independently of each other. Activation 1. Touch the ˜ symbol. The ˜ display goes out and the hotplate switches back to the Š heat setting. Note: In certain circumstances, the PowerBoost function can switch itself off automatically in order to protect the electronic elements inside the hob. 15 en Keep warm function zKeep warm function no i t cnu f mraw pe K AChildproof lock kco l f o rpd l i hC This function is suitable for melting chocolate or butter and for keeping food warm. You can use the childproof lock to prevent children from switching on the hob. Activation 1. Touch the – within the next 10 seconds. Activating and deactivating the childproof lock The hob must be off. The lock is released. The function is activated. – lights up on the display. Deactivation 1. The hotplate switches itself off and the residual heat indicator lights up. The function is deactivated. Childproof lock With this function, the childproof lock automatically activates when a hob is switched off. Switching on and off You can find out how to switch the automatic childproof lock on in the ~ "Basic settings" section 16 Wipe protection en kWipe protection n o i t c e t o r p e p iW bAutomatic safety cut-out t uo- t uc y t e f as c i t amo t uA If you wipe over the control panel while the hob is switched on, settings may be altered. To avoid doing this, you can use the hob's "Lock control panel for cleaning" function. If a hotplate operates for an extended period and no settings are changed, the automatic safety shut-off is activated. To activate: Touch the z symbol. You can now wipe over the surface of the control panel without altering any settings. To deactivate: The control panel will be unlocked once 35 seconds have elapsed. The hob can be switched off at any time. ■ The hotplate stops heating. [. . . ] On the lower section of the hob. The E-number can also be found on the glass surface of the hob. You can check the customer index (KI) and FD number by going to the basic settings. Please note that a visit from an after-sales service engineer is not free of charge in the event of misuse of the appliance, even during the warranty period. Please find the contact data of all countries in the enclosed customer service list. [. . . ]


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