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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] DIGITAL CAMERA User's Manual En Where to Find It Find what you're looking for from: O O O O O The Table of Contents The Q&A Index Î Î Î Î Î aB vi­vii aB viii­ix Find items by function or menu name. Know what you want to do but don't know the function name?Find it from the "question and answer" index. The Index Error Messages aB 111­114 aB 97­99 Search by key word. If a warning is displayed in the viewfinder or monitor, find the solution here. Troubleshooting aB 100­103 Camera behaving unexpectedly?Find the solution here. Help Use the camera's on-board help feature for help on menu items and other topics. Trademark Information Macintosh, Mac OS, and QuickTime are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. [. . . ] To deselect file, highlight and press multi selector right. A Copying Voice Recordings to a Computer PictureProject can not be used to transfer or play voice recordings. Select Interface> Mass storage for USB in the camera setup menu, copy the files manually, and play them back using QuickTime or another WAV-compatible audio player. Note that index points can not be used when voice recordings are played back on another device. Voice Recordings 53 Connecting to Televisions, Computers, and Printers In addition to viewing pictures on the camera, you can: · View pictures on TV (B 55) · Copy pictures to a computer for storage and editing (B 56­59) · Print pictures on a home printer (B 60­63) or order prints from a photofinisher Before connecting the camera to another device, it may be necessary to change the interface settings in the setup menu (B 89). To prevent the camera from turning off unexpectedly, use a fully-charged battery or an optional EH-62A AC adapter kit. 54 Connecting to Televisions, Computers, and Printers Viewing Pictures on TV 1 2 Check that the option selected for Interface> Video mode matches the video device (B 89), and then turn the camera off. Connect the camera to the TV using the supplied EG-CP14 A/V cable. Connect the black plug to the camera, the yellow plug to the video-in jack on the TV, and the white plug to the audio-in jack. 3 4 Tune the television to the video channel. The camera monitor will remain off and the television will show the image normally displayed in the monitor. D Connecting Cables Do not use force or attempt to insert or remove the connectors at an angle. Connecting to Televisions, Computers, and Printers 55 Viewing Pictures on a Computer The camera can be connected to a computer using the supplied USB cable. The supplied PictureProject software can then be used to copy pictures to the computer, where they can be organized, retouched, and printed. Before Connecting the Camera Install PictureProject from the supplied installer CD. For more information on installing and using PictureProject, see the Quick Start Guide and reference CD. The appropriate USB option must be selected in the camera setup menu before the camera can be connected a computer or printer (B 57). When connecting to a computer, select a USB option according to the computer operating system and how pictures will be transferred. Computer operating system Windows Vista (32-bit Home Choose Mass Basic/Home Premium/Business/ Choose MTP/PTP or Mass storage. Enterprise/Ultimate editions) Windows XP Choose MTP/PTP or Mass storage. (Home Edition/Professional) Windows 2000 Professional Choose Mass storage. * Can not be used to transfer pictures if memory card is locked (B 15) or if Mass storage is selected for Interface>USB and no memory card is inserted. If MTP/PTP is selected when camera is connected, wait until Windows hardware wizard is displayed, then click Cancel and disconnect camera. Pictures transferred using Camera B button * PictureProject "Transfer" button When connecting to a printer (B 61), set USB to MTP/PTP. Marking Pictures for Transfer Pictures marked for transfer are shown by a Y icon during playback. Two options control transfer marking: · Interface>Auto transfer (setup menu): Choose On to mark all new pictures for transfer (B 89). · Transfer marking (playback menu): Change marking for existing pictures (B 82). 15/05/2007 15:30 0004. JPG 4/ 4 56 Connecting to Televisions, Computers, and Printers Follow the steps below to choose a USB option. 1 Rotate mode dial to R. 2 Highlight Interface. 3 Display options. 4 Highlight USB. 5 Display USB options. 6 Highlight desired option. Rotate mode dial to different setting to exit setup menu. 7 Connecting to Televisions, Computers, and Printers 57 Transferring Pictures to a Computer 1 2 3 4 5 Start a computer to which PictureProject has been installed. Connect the camera to the computer using the supplied USB cable. Turn the camera on. PictureProject will start. Press B to transfer all marked pictures to the computer. [. . . ] See Reset all 89, 104 Delete 81 Index 111 Deleting 22, 81 all pictures 81. See also Formatting 15, 88 individual pictures 22, 43 last picture 22 movies 50 selected pictures 81 voice memos 46 voice recordings 52 Design Rule for Camera File System 110 Digital Print Order Format 60, 64, 110 Digital zoom 87 Digital zoom. See Digital Print Order Format 60, 64, 110 E E-mail 45, 66 Energy saving. See Exif 2. 2 110 Exposure 38, 42, 75, 102 bracketing 75 compensation 4, 7, 28, 75, 102 Extension 106 F File names 8, 106 Fill flash 24, 33 Firmware 89 Firmware version 89 Fixed aperture 41, 78 Flash iii, 24­25, 73, 78 built-in 2, 24, 78, 105, 109 compensation 78 mode 7, 24, 102 optional 25, 73, 78, 90, 93, 105 Flash control 78 Flash exp. [. . . ]


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