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[. . . ] ·INSTRUCTION MANUAL Foreword The Nikomat ELW is Nikon's new 35 mm SLR with automatic exposure control, which is thorough-going in its accuracy, durability and is easy to operate. This new camera has made automatic film winding possible with use of the Auto Winder AW-l, a new exclusive accessory. To take pictures of good quality, it is most important that you fully understand the functions of a camera, and learn to operate the controls with ease and confid ence. If you are a beginner, please read the section on basic operations of this instruction manual. [. . . ] When using the Auto Winder AW-1, the exposure meter is turned on by turning the shutter button lock so as to uncover the red dot. In this case, the film-advance lever is to be placed in its locked position, flush against the camera body. In automatic exposure control, it is sufficient to simply release the shutter after setting the lens aperture and focusing the subject. However, it is recommended that the position of the exposure meter needle (shutter speed value in the finder) be confirmed without fail before taking pictures. Since photographs may be blurred if the camera is held by hand at speeds of 1/30 sec. or slower, adjust the lens aperture to obtain a shutter speed faster than 1/60 sec. When you wish to use slower shutter speeds stabilize the camera by means of a tripod or something solid. 34 Caution : To prevent battery drain, keep both the film-advance lever and the shutter-release button in the locked position to switch off the meter whenever the camera is not in use . Also note that if the black needle indicates A or B (the warning zones) - i. e. the subject is too bright or too dark, change the aperture to keep away the black needle from A or B. Confirm the shutter speed indicator Under the automatic exposure control, confirm the black needle (indicating the shutter speed) in the viewtinder if it is indicating the proper shutter speed. With shutter speeds slower than 1/30 sec. , secure the camera With a tripod to avoid blurred pictures. Warning zone When the black needle is out of the range of the correct exposure with the first set aperture Subject is too bright Subject is too dark - - The range of correct exposu re reduce the aperture open the aperture When the black needle is with in this range secure the } - camera with a tripod to avoid blur. Warning zone oes not come in the range even with the minimum (smallest) aperture , use NO filters, etc. to reduce the luminOSity. not come in the range even with the maximum (full) aperture, use flash lights, etc. to increase the luminosity. 35 TTL EXPOSURE METER-Continued Extreme-high or low light situations If the black needle remains in "A" or "B" after all possible aperture settings have been tried, then the available light is too bright or too dim to cover the meter's EV range. Switch to a new film that matches the available light or mount a neutral density (NO) filter onto the lens to cut down on the amount of light or use artificial light to increase luminosity, whichever is appropriate. Operable shutter speed The camera's meter may be used only within the shutter speed range covered by the exposure value (EV) range of the meter, which varies with the aperture and ASA setting. The chart on page 39 shows the relationships between the f-stop, shutter speed and film speed, indicating the slowest functioning shutter speed (for metering purposes) with any film speed/f-stop combination. Careful attention to the following instructions will assure precise exposure, automatically, over the complete exposure control and meter range capability of your Nikomat ELW. 36 • Auto exposure control at full aperture For example, with an f/1. 4 lens and ASA 100 film, the ELW's automatic shutter will function down to one second with the lens set at 1. 4, and proportionately slower as the aperture is closed. Using a standard of ASA 25 film, you may be assured of at least a four second speed regardless of the aperture of the lens used as long as the lens is set at full aperture (refer to Table). Using ASA 400 at f/l. 4, the slowest speed is 1/4 second; however, as the aperture is closed, the functioning shutter speed becomes progressively slower until we reach f/5. 6 when the slowest speed of four seconds is functioning. Auto exposure control with stop-down metering When using a bellows or other extension equipment, which disengages the meter coupling device, it is necessary to revert to stop-down metering. As lens-to-film distance is increased, the metering range (EV range) changes proportionately. For example, when an f/2 lens is used at 2:1 • reproduction (twice life-size) the effective f/number is f/5. 6. When pictures are taken under minimal light levels, it is desirable to use a high-speed film (ASA 160 or higher) . [. . . ] Available in - 5, -4, - 3, - 2, 0 +0. 5, +1, +2 and +3 diopters, each representing the combined dioptry of the lens an d the finder . These lenses are screwed into the place from where the eyepiece window has been removed. Finder eyecup For the following situations, a finder eyecup is recommended: o When the camera IS In the sunlight and the subject is in the shade. This is used to prevent light from entering through the eyepiece, making it easy to view the image, and reduces errors in making I ight measurements. [. . . ]


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