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[. . . ] Exposure counter : Automatically returns to S (Start) with the camera back opened. 146 mm (width) x 95 mm (height) x 33 mm (thickness) Dimensions: x 73 mm (shoulder height) Weight: 715 g o ;::: ~ z IJ) -< u. . U w IJ) "- 5 PICTURE TAKING PROCEDURES 1 Load th e cam era with film . 2 Set the shutter speed . 5 FOCUS 6 and compose the picture . 6 Press the shutter release button. One picture frame is exposed . Nikkormat cJ) ::::> '" o U w w o <l. '" 3 Set tile lens ape rtur e to proper F·number. tile 4 Wind the film advance lever . 7 When the whole film is exposed, rewind the film back into the ori gina l cartridge. 8 After complete rewindinjl" , the film can be . removed . 7 EXCHANGING THE LENS To Remove the Lens Holding the lens by the milled ring, press the lock button and turn the lens barrel. clockwise until it stops . cautio•• 8 lIikko, mat To Mount the Lens After inserting the lens i'nto the camera , w ith the distance index on the lens lined up to the black dot on the camera front, turn the lens counterclockwise , and the lens will click in position . II) Wh en a lens is removed , the opening in the camera body should not be ex posed to di r ect sunlight , especially with the camera loaded. [. . . ] The range within which points in front of and behind the point of focus , appear acceptably sharp , is called the depth of field . Shortenin g the lens focal length or increasing the distance between lens and subject also increases depth of field. One factor may act to partially cancel the effect by the other. 18 DEPTH·OF ·FIELD PREVIEW BUTTON Nikko, mat :; The Nikkor lens has a"color -coded depth of field scale engraved on the lens barrel just behind the focusing ring. This color code permits easy reading of the ct. epth of field scale for any selected aperture . Each set of colored lines located one on either side of the middl~ line represents a different F-number. The color of the line matches that of the F-number engraved on the aperture ring . For example , when using the 50 mm F(1. 4 lens , with the distance scale set ting at 15 ft and with an Fj 16 openin g (F j 16 is shown in blue), the depth of field indicated by the blue -colored lines on either side of the black index will be between 8 ft and 00 . T~is means that a picture taken at Fj 16 , with the lens focused at 15 ft will show a range of acceptable sharpness between 8 ft and 00 . The sharpest point will be at 15 ft . LL 3 LL Q LL. u: U; c " " C Press the button located on the camera top at the right side of the viewfinder (viewed from behind the camera). and the aperture diaphragm will be closed down to the preselected aperture. The depth -of -field is read on the color coded depth -of -field scale engraved on the barrel of each Nikkor lens. :i. . . . C LL. 19 SELF·TIMER The sel f ·timer is a devi ce which delays the action of the shutter after the shut · ter release button is depressed. The shutter will auto· matically be released after about 8 seconds . The self ·timer can be set before or after winding the shutter . When the timer once starts, it cannot be stopped . Th e use of a tripod or similar support is necessary when a shutter speed of 1/30 or slower is used . A cable release screwed into the shutter release button will help to avoid jarring the camera at the moment of exposure . 20 INFRA·RED PHOTOGRAPHY Nikkormat Film Plane Indicator The marking -e- found on the camera top indicates the position of the film plane. The hood will also fit directly over a screw -in filter , permitting use of both units with the lens at one time . The hood can also be " stored" in reverse position on the lens . Screw-in Lens Hood Screw -in hoods can be used with screw -in fil~ers or Series filters. However, screw -in filters are recommended, because the hood in combination with Series filters may not always give satisfactory results with wideangle lenses , owing to possible vignetting . 24 NIKON FILTERS Ni/dco, mat Nikon filters are supp lied either in screw ·in or Series type mounts. in filters are used with lenses from 28 mm through 135 mm ; 200 mm and 300 mm. Series filters <'Ire used with long focus and zoom lenses , whiCh are furnished with screw ·in lens hoods. When the hood is not used, the filter can be attached to these lenses by means of an adapter ring and insert ring . [. . . ] Microscope Adapter Connecting the camera with a stan da rd micro · scope , it fac ilitates photomicrography. Nikon Microflex Fully -equipped microscope adapter, with coupled · prism ·s hutter housing . Ocular viewfinder for high power and ground·gla ss viewer for low power magnifications . Camera Body Cap Protect s the came ra inside , whi le the lens is being removed . v. ~ a v. w U U IX v. 00( 33 CARE AND MAINTENANCE Clean the outside of the camera using first a brush and then soft cloth . [. . . ]


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