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[. . . ] When the camera is not in use, close the lens cover to prevent accidental exposures. ISO Number ol Film ISO 50 ISO 100 ISO 200 Non-DX coded Film ISO 400 ISO 1000 ISO 1600 DX Selling Position of Camera 100 400 (Low light warning only) NOTE: Using a higher speed film, you may have an overexposed picture —3— L o a d i n g t h e Film (1) Push the back cover latch in direction of arrow and pull open the cover. (2) Insert the bottom of the cartridge into the bottom of the film chamber, then lower the other end in and snap into position. (3) Pull the film leader across and align it with the yellow film illustration, shown on the left hand corner of the take-up spool. [. . . ] Prefocusing When composing a picture where a principal subject is not in the center of the viewfinder, it is necessary to prefocus the camera lens. To do so: (1) Look through the viewfinder and compose the picture so that your subject is located directly behind the focusing frame. H) (2) Gently press the shutter release button halfway and maintain gentle pressure to lock in the correct focus. (3) While maintaining pressure on the shutter release button, recompose the picture as you desire and then press the shutter release button all the way down to take the photograph. I) (The prefocus can be cancelled simply by removing pressure from the shutter release button. Special Auto Focus Situations The auto focus system will focus accurately on the majority of the subjects you wish to photograph. However, there are a few situations where the auto focus mechanism may not function properly. These are: (1) When the subject has strong reflections, such as polished-metals, exterior of cars, bodies of water, or mirrors. (2) Subjects with little or no reflectance, such as black objects, hair, a flame or smoke. (4) Subjects with an object in front of them, such as a wire net or a cage. In situations (1)—(4), prefocus on another subject approximately the same distance away and then recompose the scene and take the picture. ) (5) Taking pictures through glass windows: Shoot with camera lens near the glass and at an angle of approximately 20°. €”9— Removing the Film At the end of the film roll, the frame counter will cease to advance. Rewind the film by pushing the film rewind switch in the direction of arrow. J) When rewinding is complete and the motor has stopped, open the back cover and remove the film cartridge from the chamber. The film rewind switch will return to its original position automatically. Trouble Shooting Guide [Description] Subject out of focus [Solution] If the subject is not located in the center of the viewfinder, use prefocusing. Flash fails to function —10— Flash pictures have dark area(s) Flash pictures too dark overall Flash pictures too light Make certain fingers are clear of flash. Have subject(s) look slightly away from flash—towards room light is beneficial. ) Reverse galilean type with bright frame DX automatic settings (100, 400) (Low light warning only) Automatic (with film confirmation window) Automatic winding Automatic via film rewind switch Viewfinder: Film-speed Setting (ISO): Film Loading: Film Advance: Film Rewind: —12— Built-in Flash: Flash Operating Range: Flash Recycling Time: Battery Life: Power Source: Dimensions: Weight: Auto mode: automatic switchover for low lighting levels (ISO 100: less than EV9. 15 rolls of 24 exposures film (with new alkaline batteries, using flash for approx. 1 oz) (without batteries and film) Specifications subject to change without notice. [. . . ] Some states do not allow (a) limitations on how long an bnpHed warranty lasts or f b) the exclusion or limitation ot incidental or consequential damages so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. This warranty glvss you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. In order to obtain performance of the warranty obligeil consumer purchaser must return i Nffcuu product together w i t h proof of LAST NAME purchase and proof of purchase date (bill of sele) either FIRST in person or addressed to the warranty department of NAME Mkon Inc. 117473064 or any one of the authorized service stations at their ADDRESS respeclive addresses listed on the reverse side The original CITY consumer purchaser in returning this Nikon product must prepay all postage, shipping, transportation, insurance and delivery costs to the repair facility. [. . . ]


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