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[. . . ] Nikon 35mm Film Scanner IllCOOLSCRn III (LS-IOE Standard model & LS-lO Internal-mount model) Instruction manual Before operating the unit, please read this manual throughly and retain it for future reference. 8 Setting the Standard Model (LS-10E) Chapter 2 2-1 2-2 2-3 2-4 2-5 2-6 Setting Up the LS-10E Scanner . 26 Setting Up the Internal-mount Model (LS-10) Chapter 3 3-1 3-2 3-3 3-4 3-5 3-6 3-7 Setting Up the LS-10 Scanner . 48 Setting Up a SCSI Chain with the LS-10 Using the Scanner 50 Chapter 4 4-1 4-2 4-3 4-4 4-5 4-6 4-7 Knowledge of Films . [. . . ] 6, through the drive bay from the inside as far as it will extend out through the drive bay. [a] Computer power connector (Typical connector on four wire cable) [b] V-Adapter power connector (Optional V-type power connector) Slide the LS-10 part way Into the drive bay Thread the unconnected end of the 50-pin SCSI cable through the drive bay and pull it through into the inside of the computer while sliding the scanner rear-first into the drive bay. The scanner should slide in easily if the rails are properly positioned. Push the scanner in so that the rear of the scanner aligns with the computer power connector. Warnlngl The top or boHom of the scanner should not touch anything when sliding Into the computer. Damage can occur to the scanner or to other devices If the scanner scrapes during Installation. 6 Computer power supply connector Connecteurs d'alimentation d'unite centrales Stromversorgungsstecker des Computers Step 6 Connect the power connector Connect the 4-pin power connector of the computer to the 4-pin power connector of the scanner. Note that both connectors are keyed so that one side of the connector is beveled. under certain circumstances , it is possible to force the connector in at an improper angle thereby creating a backward connection. Note: An optional V-adapter may be necessary if there are not any available power connectors in the computer. Warnlngl Never aHempt to connect power to the scanner with the computer power on. [a] Connecteur d'alimentation de I'unite centrale (Connecteur type sur Ie cable quatre fils) [b] Cordon de derivation en Y (Connecteur d'alimentation de type Y en option) a a a Insertion partie lie du LS-10 Faites passer I'extremite non branchee du cable SCSI a 50 broches a travers Ie logement et tirez-Ia a I'interieur de I'unite centrale tout en glissant I'arriere du scanner en premier dans Ie logement. 39 Step 7 Slide the scanner Into the computer Once the power connection is made, carefully slide the scanner the rest of the way into the computer. One hand should gently pull the SCSI cable to provide a slight tension on the cable while the scanner is being pushed in . Never tug on the cable nor allow the cable to fold while pushing in the scanner. Step 8 Screw down the rail stops Once the scanner is pushed into the computer, reposition or reinsert the lock tabs mentioned in Step 3 above. The tabs should slide in front of the scanner guide rails , thereby locking the scanner in place. 1 3-3 Setting the SCSI 10 Up to eight devices can share a SCSI device. typically , the computer· Controller would be SCSI 10 number 0, while the SCSI peripherals would be 1 through 7. In this case, one is designated as the initiator while the other is the target. it is possible to have many configurations of initiators and targets on a bus . In the case we show below there is only one initiator of the computer. [. . . ] Due to the self adjusting centering mechanism mentioned above, focus control will be necessary to accommodate these mount variations. 15b Emulsion side of the film The two surfaces of the film are not the same . In order to achieve maximum focus , the emulsion side needs to be face down when put into the scanner. If the film is not flat, the scanner can not accurately focus on the entire film surface at the same time. [. . . ]


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