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[. . . ] These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment • Connect the equipment into an outlet generates, uses, and can radiate radio fre- on a circuit different from that to which quency energy and, if not installed and used the receiver is connected. In accordance with the instructions, may • Consult the dealer or an experienced cause harmful interference to radio com- radio/television technician for help. [. . . ] Era off and set the control lock on the MB-D14 to L, then loosen the attachment 1 Remove the contact cap (Figure A- q) from the battery pack. Be sure 2 The contacts for the MB-D14 are in the base of the camera, where they are pro- to replace the contact cover on the camtected by a contact cover. Remove the contact cover as shown in Figure B-q and era and the contact cap on the MB-D14 place it in the contact cover holder on the MB-D14 (Figure B- w). 3 Position the MB-D14, keeping the MB-D14 mounting screw (Figure C- w) aligned with the camera tripod socket (Figure C- q) and tighten the attachment wheel by rotating it in the direction shown by the LOCK arrow (Figure D). There is no need to remove the battery from the camera before connecting the MB-D14. At default settings, the battery inserted in the camera will be used only after the battery in the MB-D14 is exhausted. The Battery order option in the camera Custom Settings menu (Group d) can be used to change the order in which the batteries are used. Be sure to place the camera contact cover in the contact cover holder and to keep the MB-D14 contact cap in a safe place to prevent loss. A PB-6D and PK-13 auto-extension ring are required when using PB-6 bellows focusing attachment with the MB-D14. 6 Inserting Batteries The MB-D14 can be used with one EN-EL15 rechargeable Li-ion battery or with six AA batteries. Before inserting batteries, be sure that the camera is off and that the MB-D14 control lock is in the L position. 1 Turn the MB-D14 battery-chamber latch to 2 Ready the batteries as described below. EN-EL15: Matching the indentations on the battery to the projections on the MS-D14EN holder, insert the battery with the arrow (▲) on the battery toward the battery holder power terminals (Figure F- q). Press the battery lightly downward and slide it in the direction of the arrow until the power terminals click into place (Figure F- w). AA batteries: Place six AA batteries in the MS-D14 battery holder as shown in Figure G, making sure that the batteries are in the correct orientation. 3 Insert the battery holder in the MB-D14 and latch the battery-chamber cover (Figure H). [. . . ] d EN-EL15 Batteries The performance of EN-EL15 batteries drops at temperatures below about 10 °C (50 °F). Be sure the battery is fully charged and keep a warm spare battery on hand ready to exchange as necessary. D AA Batteries Due to their limited capacity, AA LR6 alkaline batteries should be used only when no other alternative is available. [. . . ]


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