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[. . . ] Nikon INSTRUCTION MANUAL ~------------------ CONTENTS ------------------~ FOREWORD . . . . . . . . 17 MANUAL FOCUS WITH ELECTRONIC FOCUSING CONFIRMATION . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 SHUTTER-PRIORITY AUTO . . 24-25 EXPOSURE MODE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30-39 Advanced Automatic Exposure Con trol with Nikon 's Exclusive Multi-Sensor Metering System . . . [. . . ] In program, aperturepriority or shutter-priority auto exposure mode, metering system of the N4004s automatically detects situations which benefit from balanced fill-flash and activates the blinking viewfinder ready-light indication to recommend you use the camera's built-in flash or an accessory Nikon speedlight. For automatic balanced fill-flash , first set the camera in program auto exposure mode, then follow these procedures : 1. Lightly press shutter release button to turn on the N4004s. •••••••••••••••••••••••• Check to make sure the subject is within proper flash shooting range for film speed in use. For details, see pages 40 and 41 . • • • • • •••••••••••••••••••••••• • • • • • . , -. . . 3. Confirm ready-light comes on, and shoot. 39 FLASHPHOTOGRAPHY-------------------------------When existing light is insuffic ient for normal shooting or when shooting a dark subject against a bright background (i. e. , subject positioned against a bright window), the ready-light indicator LED inside the viewfinder blinks to indicate you should use the built-in TTL flash or an accessory Nikon speedlight. Shooting Dark Subjects In all exposure modes, with a subject darker than EV10 at ISO 100, the ready-light LED blinks. Programmed TTL auto flash photography in program and shutter-priority auto exposure modes In programmed TTL auto flash photography, the N4004s automatically adjusts the shut1er speed to 11100 sec'. and selects the appropriate aperture according to the speed of the film in use (ISO). ' 1 shutter speed is set to S, or to 1160 sec. or slower in shutter-priority 1 exposure mode, shutter lires at the speed set, and correct aperture is selected accordingly. BUILT-IN TTL FLASH The built-in TTL flash of the N4004s performs as follows: Guide number : 12 (ISO 100, meters) Angle of coverage: 35mm lens or longer Usable lenses : AF AF AF AF AF AF AF AF 3Smm 112 AF 50mm 1 11. 4 AF SO mm 111 . 8 8Smm 111 . 8 AF 180mm 1 12. 8 AF 300mm 1 14 24 -SOmm 113. 3-4. S (local length 35 mm or longer) 28-8Smm 113. S-4. S (focal length 3Smm or longer)' 3S- 70mm 1 12. 8" AF 3S- 70mm 1 13. 3-4. S 3S-10Smm 113. S-4. S·" AF 3S-135 mm 113. 5-4. S·· . . AF Micro 55mm 112. 8 The usable ranges for film speed, aperture and shooting distance in programmed TTL mode are as follows. ISO Aperture Shooting Range 2S 1. 4 I so I I 2 100 2. 8 I I I 200 4 I I 400 5. 6 Approx . 1. 4-4 . 2 m 'Cannot be used lor shooting a subject at 2m or closer at 35mm local length. "Cannot be used at 50 mm or shorter local length because vignetting occurs. Cannot be used near the closest locusing distance (1. 5 m) at 35 mm local lenth because vignetting occurs. Cannot be used lor shooting a subject at 2m or closer at 80mm local length . • All lenses above cannot be used at locusing distance shorter than the flash shooting range. • Ready-light blinks when using lilm with ISO speed over 400. "When using a lens with a slower maximum aperture (la rger F-number) than the numbers listed above, the aperture will be automatically set to the lens' maximum aperture, thus shortening the shooting range. (i. e. , il maximum aperture is 113. 5 and lilm speed is ISO 100, aperture is set to 3. 5 instead 01 11 2. 8). For longer Ilash shocting distances (up to 4. 2 m), use lilm with a speed 01 ISO 400. TTL auto flash photography in aperture-priority auto and manual exposure modes In aperture-priority auto mode, the N4004s automatically adjusts the shutter speed to 11100 sec _In manual mode, when 40 shutter speed dial is set at from 1/125 to 1/2000 sec. , the shutter is automatically set to 11100 sec. , and if set below 1/60 sec. , the shutter operates at the speed set. To perform TTL auto flash photography, set the camera 's aperture dial to the correct aperture for flash-to-subject distance and depth of field. Usable apertures/shooting distance range in TTL mode ISO film speed Automatic Balanced Fill-Flash Photography In program, aperture-priority or shutter-priority auto exposure mode, when shooting a scene with a brightness of EV10 or higher (at ISO 100) where the subject in the central area of the triple sensor is darker than other areas by more than approx. 1. SEV, the ready-light LED blinks to tell you to use built-in TTL flash or accessory Nikon speedlight for fill-in lighting. For automatic balanced fill-flash photography, first set the camera in program auto exposure mode so correct aperture is automatically selected for the scene's background, using a synchronized camera shutter speed of 1/100 sec. The multisensor meter of the N4004s measures contrast and brightness for both subject and background, and automatically adjusts speed light output so you get good overall pictures without complicated techniques. Maximum shooting distance for balanced fill-flash photography Near a window Approx. 3m Approx. 2 m Normal outdoor shot Approx. [. . . ] Quoted guide numbers assume a relatively efficient reflector surrounding the flash source, in an average -sized room. TTL: Abbreviation of Through-The-Lens. Most SLR cameras have built-in meters which measure light after it has passed through the lens, a feature that enables exposure readings to be taken from the actual image about to be recorded on film, whatever the lens' angle of view and regardless of whether a filter is used. TTL auto flash mode: In this mode, the camera 's light sensor measures flash light, as reflected by the subject on the film, and shuts off the flash when measurement indicates correct exposure. Because the sensor that controls the flash receives light through the lens, this mode can be used for bounce photography, fill-in flash, multiple flash photography, etc. [. . . ]


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