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[. . . ] 73-81 AUTO EXPOSURE LOCK FUN CTI ON WITH AE-L BUTION . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 74-75 TO OBTAIN METER READING FOR A PARTICULAR SUBJECT IN MANUAL EXPOSURE MODE . . 83 LONG TIME EXPOSURE-Using I:, , _, t b setting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 86-96 AUTOMATIC BALANCED FILL-FLASH WITH TIL MULTI SENSOR-3D MULTI-SENSOR BALANCED FILL-FLASH AND MULTI-SENSOR BALANCED FILL-FLASH . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [. . . ] • If any OR number is shown in the OR window, "-" appears when you press OUT button. • Recalling OR number 1 , 2 or 3 cancels Flexible Program function. All Mode Exposure Brackenng, Flash Output Level Compensation and Flash Exposure Bracketing are not canceled. OR No. is for the following factory-set initial settings and cannot be customized. Single frame ([f]) Film advance mode: Wide (0) Focus area: Single Servo AF Focus mode Matrix (1folJ) Metering system: Exposure mode Auto-Multi Program (P) (including Vari-Program): Normal (If accessory Nikon Flash sync mode: Speed light attached is set at Rear-Curtain Sync, Rear-Curtain Sync will be performed. ) Cancel Flexible program setting: Cancel Exposure compensation function All Mode Exposure Bracketing Cancel Flash Exposure Bracketing Cancel ° Once you have recalled one of the OR numbers (0, 1, 2 or 3). adjusting film advance mode, focus area, focus mode, metering system, exposure mode, flash sync mode or exposure compensation value will make the OR number disappear from the OR window. To recall the settings again, simply press OUT button. ) ~ 71 SPECIAL FUNCTIONS This chapter explains advanced photographic techniques and applications including exposure compensation methods. It also shows you how to use the self-timer and how to perform long time exposure. 72 EXPOSURE COMPENSATION Exposure compensation is a photographic technique that enables you to vary the final exposure settings from those measured by the camera's light meter. Nikon 's 3D Matrix Metering employs methods of exposure calculation that automatically apply exposure compensation, depending upon scene brightness and contrast, and distance information. As a result, your subject, whether it is centered in the viewfinder or not, is given corrected exposure in most lighting situations. We do not recommend using any manually or automatically applied exposure compensation when using Matrix Metering. If you identify an extreme condition under which Matrix may have some difficulty, such as a severely backlit scene or one with extremes of contrast, we recommend using your camera's other built-in meters, Center-Weighted or Spot. Ultimately, only you know what the subject or a part of it requires in terms of exposure measurement. That's why the N70 camera incorporates three meters plus a variety of exposure compensation systems. The photographer's creativity is always the final deciding and controlling factor. To use the various exposure compensation functions, please refer to the following. • USing auto exposure lock function with AE-L button (pages 74 to 75) • To obtain meter reading for a particular subject in Manual exposure mode (pages 76 to 77) • Modifying exposure control by exposure compensation function (pages 78 to 79) • All Mode Exposure Bracketing (pages 80 to 81) Results will vary, depending on conditions, so you will want to experiment with each method. About reflectance When using the Center-Weighted or Spot Meter, always keep in mind that the exposure indicated will assume that the subject's reflectance is equivalent to 18%. If the subject varies from this reflectance, you must make an adjustment to exposure. Generally speaking , a white subject will have about a 90% reflectance, and an adjustment of 2. 5 f/ stops (further open) will bring the exposure back to the equivalent of an 18% reading. As another rule of thumb, when shooting a landscape, the light meter reading from green grass is roughly equivalent to 18% reflectance. 73 AUTO EXPOSURE LOCK FUNCTION WITH AE-L BUDON In the auto exposure mode, when you want to control exposure based on the brightness of a specific area within the scene, use Auto Exposure Lock function. For Auto Exposure Lock function , it is recommended that you should switch the metering system to Center-Weighted or Spot. 2 Lightly press shutter release button, and confirm shutter speed and aperture in viewfinder. 1 74 Center main subject inside viewfinder and/or move in closer until reference circle for Center-Weighted metering or Spot metering is fully covered by the subject. 3 Keep shutter release button lightly pressed, push AE-L button and hold it in to lock auto exposure. • While AE-L button is held in, the flash recommended light (green " ) does not light up. [. . . ] When the lens is focused for hyperfocal distance, the deepest depth of field, covering from 1/2 the hyperfocal distance to infinity, can be obtained at each f/stop. The longer the focal length, the longer the hyperfocal distance; the smaller the aperture (the larger the f/number), the shorter the hyperfocal distance. ISO film speed The intemational standard for representing film sensitivity. A film speed of ISO 200 is twice as sensitive as ISO 100, and half that of ISO 400 film. [. . . ]


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