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[. . . ] Nikon 75 75QD INSTRUCTION MANUAL Introduction • Thank you for purchasing the Nikon N75/N75QD-a camera that is sure to make photography a bigger part of your life. Get to know your N75/N75QD camera, and be sure to read this manual thoroughly before using it. We recommend that you keep this manual handy. Supplied accessories Body cap (P. 82) 2 • Take trial shots Take trial shots before shooting at important occasions like weddings or graduations. [. . . ] • rn:H and ~ in the LCD panel and ~ and the electronic analog exposure display in the viewfinder disappear when the bracketing is completed. • To cancel the bracketing, rotate the Command Dial whi le pressing the button so rn:H disappears from the LCD panel. Turning the power switch off does not cancel bracketing . e Check points • Auto Exposure Bracketing cannot be performed in and Vari-Program . • Auto Exposure Bracketing and Multiple Exposure (page 69) cannot be set simultaneously. • Auto Exposure Bracketing and Long Time exposure (page 62) cannot be set simultaneously. A 8 68 Multiple Exposure . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 Rotate the Command Dial while pressing the multiple exposure " button so ~ appears in the LCD panel. The display changes as follows: Multiple Exposure consists of two or more exposures of one or more subjects in the same frame. • Multiple Exposure can be set in P, S, A and M exposure modes . ll5 . . . . ~ t- 1 . . . . . 0 ~ 1. 5 . . . . "'" •• rn6 jn t;;. U Cancel _ (no display) ----->+ • ~ appears in the LCD panel when the Multiple Exposure is set. 2 Rotate the Command Dial while pressing the set the necessary Exposure Compensation. ID button to • Test shooting is recommended since the compensation actually required varies depending on the shooting situation. • When the background is completely dark and subjects do not overlap, no compensation is necessary for each shot. In particu lar, fi lm advance becomes unstable at the beginning and near the end of a film roll so multiple exposure is not recommended . i I ~ c 69 Multiple Exposure-continued Standard compensation value in multiple exposure Number of exposures Two Three Four Eight or nine Compensation value -1 . 0 EV -1. 5 EV -2. 0 EV -3. 0 EV Exposure Compensation is necessary depending on the number of exposures in multiple exposure since more than one image is exposed in the same frame. 3 Compose picture, confirm focus indicator. and shoot. • The first shot is taken and ~ and frame counter blink in the LCD panel when the shutter release button is fully depressed. The frame counter in the LCD panel does not count down and the film does not advance, and multiple exposures can be taken from the second shutter release . The multiple exposure is canceled , film advances and ~ disappears from the LCD panel when the second shot is taken . • To take more than two shots on the same frame, rotate the Command Dial while button again after the first shot is taken by depressing the shutter pressing the release button and while ~ is blinking so ~ appears without blinking . Repeat this operation as many times as you wish to continue taking pictures on the same frame . • To cancel multiple exposure, rotate the Command Dial while pressing the button so ~ disappears from the LCD panel, set Auto Exposure Bracketing, or set the exposure mode to '8' or Vari-Program. Film is advanced and frame counter counts down when the multiple exposure is canceled before or during multiple exposure operation . e e Check points • Multiple Exposure cannot be performed in '8' or Vari-Program . • Multiple Exposure and Auto Exposure Bracketing (page 66) cannot be set simultaneously. 70 CUSTOM SEnlNG Using the Custom Setting feature, you can create a combination of functions that is different from the initial factory settings. The functions listed in this section can be selected with the N75/N75QD. Menu/Features of Custom Setting • Creating Custom Setting 1 Set the Custom Setting selector to CSM and select a menu number by rotating the Command Dial. 2 • 12 menus ( 1to 12) are available. Select the desired option number by pressing the ID button. • The option number changes as you press the If) button. • When the option number other than initial setting is displayed in t he LCD panel, !!!m!m appears in t he LCD panel. Rotate the film advance mode/ Custom Setting selector to set desired film advance mode. [. . . ] O. 68-0. 60x with 50mm lens set to infinity (at -1. 5 to +O. 8m-1) Focus indications, focus area, shutter speed, aperture, electronic analog exposure display/ Exposure Compensation value display, Exposure Compensation, flash ready-light/flash recommended/full flash output, film status, battery power Five sets of focus brackets (area), 12mm0 reference circle for CenterWeighted metering Automatic, instant-return type Instant-return type Picture format Lens mount Lens Viewfinder Eyepoint Focusing screen Viewfinder frame coverage Finder magnification Viewfinder information (with illuminator) Reflex mirror Lens aperture 124 Autofocus TIL phase detection, Nikon Multi-CAM900 autofocus module with AF-Assist Illuminator (approx. 0. 5m-3m [1. 6-9 . 8 ft. ]) • Detection range: EV -1 to EV 19 (ISO 100, at normal temperature) AF: Auto-Servo AF: camera automatically chooses Single Servo AF or Continuous Servo AF operation according to the subject status, i. e. • Single Servo AF (focus is locked when the subject is in-focus) • Continuous Servo AF (camera continues to focus on a moving subject, automatically selected when . . !. Tracking with Lock-On ™ automatically activated by subject's status M : Manual focus One of five focu s areas can be selected Lens servo Focus area Focus area mode AF focus mode: • Dynamic AF Mode with Closest-Subject Priority • Dynamic AF Mode with Center-Subject Priority • Dynamic AF Mode M focus mode: • Center Area Mode • Single Area Mode Metering system TIL full-aperture exposure metering system • 3D 25-segment Matrix Metering: with G- or D-type AF Nikkor • 25-segment Matrix Metering: with AF Nikkor other than G- or 0type (except AF Nikkor for F3AF and IX-Nikkor), AI-P Nikkor • Center-Weighted Metering: automatically selected with Manual exposure mode • Spot Metering: in Auto Exposure lock with Custom Setting option (metering system in the Auto Exposure lock) 3D 25-seg ment Matrix Metering: EV 1-20 Center-Weighted Metering: EV 1-20 Spot Metering: EV 4-20 (at normal temperature, ISO 100, f/ 1. 4 lens) CPU Exposure compensated in ±3 EV range, in 1/2 steps (except in M or Met eri ng range Exposure meter coupling Exposure compensation 'l. ") 125 SpecificationS-continued Auto Exposure Bracketing Film speed setting Bracketing range: ±2 EV; number of shots: three; bracketing steps: 0. 5, 1, 1. 5 or 2 EV (except in '8' or Vari-Program) • Automatically set to ISO film speed of OX-coded film in use (manual not selectable) • Film speed range: OX: ISO 25-5000, automatically set to ISO 100 with non-OX-coded film Electronical ly control led vertical-travel focal-plane shutter • In '8', z, iii, , , . . [. . . ]


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