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[. . . ] Nikon Nuvisll0 i Instruction Manual (Pages 2-39) Manual de instrucciones (Paginas 40-77) Foreword Thank you for purchasing the Nikon Nuvis 11 Oi camera. Be sure to read th is instruction manual thoroughly before use, and keep it close at hand unti l you are fam iliar with the new system outlined below. Your new Nikon camera employs the Advanced Photo System (IX240 System) and features: •E xtremely simple "drop-in" film loading • 3 different print types on the same rol l of film • Accidental double exposures prevention • Convenient date/time and title printing Take some trial shots. Before taking important pictures, be sure to take a few trial shots first to familiarize yourself with the camera and all of its features. [. . . ] 1 3 dillerent print types (C, H or P 2 Date/time and title printing 3 Index Prints (small images of each frame exposed on the roll of film) 4 Negative Return in Cartridge (NRIC) Your negatives are returned inside the cartridge for easy storage. Authorized Photo Lab Mark 17 ---------------------- Loading the film Turn the cam OFF and make sure no era D appears in the LCD panel and sl ide the lock release to open the cartridge chamber cover. The cartridge chamber cover locks automatically after load: , g Do not try to open the cover wh ile fi lm is loaded. Check that the VEl shows 0 before loading If Dor D is visible, the VEl turns to S3 and correct film status cannot be confirmed. When D and the number of available frames appear in the LCD panel, the camera is ready for use, - Film speed is automatically set when the cartridge is loaded. Holding the camera properly To avoid camera shake: • Keep your body balanced by movi ng one foot forward a half step • Keep you r elbows in against the body while holding the camera with both hands as shown. €¢ When holding the camera vertical ly, make sure that the flash is on top as shown. €¢ Do not block the lens, flash or autofocus windows with your fingers. Correct camera holding position (horizontal) Basic operation Correct camera holding position (vertical) '0::: , , \, 19 Shutter release operation Important!If the subject is ve ry close, the shutter wil l be released resu lting in out of focus pictures. - When the subject is in focus, the red LED lights up for a second, and focus is locked. - Depressing the shutter release button with a jerky motion may cause camera shake. 20 Selecting a print type You can select anyone of th ree print types (C, H or P-type) at any time while film is loaded. Horizontal = 1 • 3 (aspect ratio) CAUTION To prevent possible eye injury, hold the camera away from your face when you operate the CHP selector. 21 Look through the viewfinder and move the zoom lever to adjust the zoom settings (ranging from 30mm W to 8Smm T) to the desired image size. Wide 30mm I CAUTION When the camera is not In use for more than 3 minutes, the lens automatically I retracts to the W(wideangle) position. -------' 22 Viewfinder indications p IWl : Area not covered by the printed image [ !However if even one picture has been taken, the film is no longer usable. Remove the film after confirming that the letter "E" is visible in the LCD panel Press the mid-ro ll rewi nd button using the dedicated stud on the strap -When rewind is completed, the letter "E" appears in the LCD panel. ~ ~~ < ~, • ~- Inflash photography, the subject's eyes may sometimes appear bright red. Red-eye reduction does not work with flash cancel and infinity focus modes. 1 Turn the camera ONand press the @ / Ii ~ button until the LCD panel. [. . . ] €¢ Avoid leaving the camera in excessively hot places such as the interior of a car, a beach or near a heater. €¢ Al low the camera to cool off after continuous flash firing Overuse generates heat in battery and camera. €¢ The camera may not work properly at low temperatures (below 0 °C or 32 O Keep F) the camera warm . 36 • Do not drop or hit the camera against a hard surface as it may damage the precision mechanism. [. . . ]


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