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[. . . ] The newly adjusted data and data imprint indicator"-" appears without blinking. 5 * -1 Year/month/day Day/hour/minute (2) REAR LCD PANEL (NUVIS 6 0 QD ONLY) © © @ ® Month indicator Year indicator Time indicator colon Data imprinting indicator Open the battery chamber cover by inserting a coin into a slit and lever up. insert a 3 V lithium battery (CR2) with the + and - poles aligned as shown. CHECKING BATTERY LEVEL Turn the camera on by pressing the power switch. [. . . ] Note: When the camera is not used for more than 3 minutes, the power automatically shuts OFF and the lens retracts to the original position. Wide-vison (H) type 9:16 AUTO FLASH USING FOCUS LOCK O When the subject does not cover the autofocus frame marks " o " , the camera may focus on the background instead. © Position the autofocus frame marks directly on the subject and lightly press the shutter-release button. Keeping your finger on the shutter-release button, recompose the original scene. Note: Autofocus may not focus properly on: • Small subjects that do not cover the autofocus frame marks • Dark subjects with no reflection • Glossy or reflective surfaces (e. , flames, fireworks) • The main subject when there is a closer secondary subject Use focus lock to focus on another subject the same distance from the camera. AT THE END OF THE FILM The film rewinds automatically at the end of the roll. Rewinding is complete when the "C" blinks on the top LCD panel. Gently remove the cartridge To rewind the film before the end of the roll, push the mid-roll rewind button with a sharp object, such as a ball-point pen. Note: The battery can be replaced if necessary while the film is still rewinding. ^•©> CCBO) CHP Type and aspect ratio [Vertical: Horizontal) The autoflash symbol "Jf0" on the top LCD panel indicates that the flash will fire automatically if available light is insufficient. AUTO n u Panorama (P) type 1 :3 ADVANCED FUNCTIONS O FLASH MODE/RED-EYE REDUCTION BUTTON Press " V button to cycle through the following modes: O RED-EYE REDUCTION Flash photography sometimes causes the pupils of the eyes to appear bright red in photographs. The red-eye reduction lamp on the camera face lights up for about one second before the flash fires to help reduce this effect. red-eyes reduction mode is indicated by "J|J" on the top LCD panel. Note: Keep your finger firmly on the shutter-release button until the shutter is released. ⩠SELF-TIMER Self-timer mode is indicated by "c5" on the top LCD panel. The indicator lamp on the camera face blinks for 10 seconds before the shutter is released. O FLASH-CANCEL Flash-cancel mode allows you to shoot without flash in low-light situations where the flash would normally fire. Use flash-cancel mode in art galleries and other places where flash photography is prohibited Flash-cancel mode is indicated by "(§)" on the top LCD panel. For best results, place the camera on a tripod or other stable surface. © A N Y T I M E FLASH Anytime flash mode allows you to use the flash in situations where the flash would not normally fire, for instance when the subject is standing in the shade or in front of the sun. anytime flash mode is indicated by " J " on the top LCD panel. [. . . ] Such warranty coverage is supplemental to and not in lieu of the United Stales Nikon One Year Limited Warranty which is received by the customer with the Nikon product. This Nikon producl except for batteries is warranted by NIKON CORPORATION, Tokyo, Japan to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for a period ot one year from the date of purchase. During this period any one of the worldwide repair facilities listed on trie reverse side will repair without charge any parts or assembly of parts found to be defeclive in materials or workmanship subject to the following limitalions: LThis warranty extends lo the original consumer purchaser only and is not assignable or transferable. This warranty shall not extend to any product which has been subject to misuse, abuse, negligence, accident or unauthorized repair. [. . . ]


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