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[. . . ] Do not short circuit, disassemble or heat the battery: this may cause it to explode resulting injury. If someone accidentally swallows a battery, call a doctor immediately. Note: Nikon cannot be held responsible for malfunctions caused by using the Nuvis 75/Nuvis 75i in ways not specified in th is manual. Holding the camera Shutter release button 4 6 8 9 10 10 11 12 13 14 PREPARATIONS . [. . . ] Authorized Photo Labs offer these services: --Three different (C, H or P-type) print aspect ratios - Data printing (Nuvis l5i only) -Index Prints (small image of each frame exposed on the roll of film) - Negative Return in Cartridge (NRIC): Your negatives are return ed inside the cartridge for easy storage. 16 I Holding the camera BASIC OPERATION BASIC OPERATION IShutter release button . Prop your elbows against your body and hold the camera with both hands as shown. When taking vertical photographs , make sure that the flash is at the top as shown. M Important: Take care not to block the lens, flash or autofocus windows with your fingers , hair or the camera strap. 17 BASIC OPERATION I Print aspect ratio Print aspect ratio can be changed at any time during the film roll. CHP~elector~o choose be- C-type Vertical : Horizontal = 2 : 3 Aspect ratio H-type Vertical: Horizontal = 9 : 16 Aspect ratio P-type Vertical: Horizontal = 1 : 3 Aspect ratio Caution: To prevent possible eye injury, hold the camera away from your face when using the selector. 18 · BASIC OPERATION IZoom Wideangle (30 mm) Telephoto (60 mm) Note: Nuvi s 75i : The lens retracts to the wideangle position after about three minutes when the camera is not in use. ) After about three minute s, the lens retracts to the wideangle position. Parallax compensation marks-center the subject within these marks when shooting at around 60 cm/2 ft. Red LED (flash ready-lightlin-focus indicator) ~ The viewfinder indicates the boundaries of the print aspect ratio (page 18). Note: Correct focus cannot be guaranteed when the subject is closer than approx. 20 BASIC OPERATION IFocus and auto flash The auto flash symbol "AUTO ~ " on the LCD panel indicates that the flash will fire automatically if there is not enough light. Make sure that the distance to the subject falls within the flash shooting range. For ISO 200 film , the flash should be used within the fol lowing range. Position the subject within the autofocus frame marks in the center of the viewfinder. Lightly press the shutter release button to focus the subject, and check the red LED in the viewfinder. Flickers once: Subject focused Blinks: Flash charging Lights up: Flash ready a 21 BASIC OPERATION Note: The minimum focusing distance of this camera is approx. Correct focus cannot be guaranteed if the subject is closer than approx. The film will advance automatically to the next frame and the frame count on the LCD panel will decrease by one. BASIC OPERATION I Using focus lock Special focusing situations The following subjects may be too difficult to focus: • Subjects too small to fully cover the autofocus frame mar. S k • Dark subjects with no reflection • Glossy light-reflecting surfaces, such as shiny cars or water • Subjects without solid content (i. [. . . ] 31 MISCELLANEOUS I Specifications Type of camera IX240 (Advanced Photo System) type autofocus lens-shutter camera with Nikon Zoom 30-60 mm F/4. 5 mm-75 mm converted to 35 mm type); 5 elements in 5 groups OpenS/closes automatically with power switch ON/OFF Programmed electronic shutter; also serves as diaphragm blades Infrared-active autofocus system; activated by lightly pressing shutter release button ; range from 0. ) to infinity; focus is locked as long as shutter release button is lightly pressed ; Infinity focus locks focus at infinity Exposure control Auto exposure range Film speed setting Film operation Viewfinder Albada-bright frame zoom viewfinder; frame coverage approx. 7x at 60 mm C/H/P-type image size frames with parallax compensation marks; autofocus frame Red LED (flash ready-lighVin -focus indicator) flash ready lights up: Blinks: flash charging Flickers once: subject focused Electronically controlled program AE ISO 200: EV7 A- 15 at 30 mm EV9. [. . . ]


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