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[. . . ] If someone accidentally swallows a battery, call a doctor immediately. Note: Nikon cannot be held responsible for malfunctrons caused by uSing the Nuvis mini/Nuvis mini i in ways not specified in this manual. Data recording function (Nuvis mini i only) Loading the film Holding the camera . 5 QUICK GUIDE This quick guide shows you how to take photog raphs rig ht away with your new camera. [. . . ] Insert a new cartridge as shown, and close the cartridge chamber cover until it clicks shut. (If the film is fully or partially exposed, "f" will blink on the LCD panel. ) II 15 PREPARATIONS About IX240 film cartridge Do nol disassembl e Ihe ca rtridge or subject it to shock or vibration. Be careful not to be soi l or damage the data disk of the cartridge , as correct data communication may be impaired. Do not break the Irreversible Processed Indicator (IPI) on the cartridge, as film processing and pri nting may become impossible. Do not attempt to rotate the Cartridge Spool with a poi nted object (e . This can expose the film , alter the VEl , and even prevent proper use and/or processing. Do not store cartridges: -In direct sunlight, near heating appliances or in other hot places - Near dirt and dust - In hot or humid conditions conducive to mold - Near strong magnetic fields Processing and Printing -5 Grli/wd I'PY~"D_ /~~:, , !:i'''1 We recomme nd bringing your fi lm cartridge to a photo lab displaying the "Authorized Photo Lab Mark" sig n for processing and printing . Authorized Photo Labs offer these services: - Three different (C, H or P-type) print aspect ratios - Data printing (Nuvis mini i only) - Index Prints (small image of each frame exposed on the roll of film) - Negative Return in Cartridge (NRIC): You r negatives are returned inside th e cartridge for easy storage. 16 IHolding the camera BASIC OPERATION BASIC OPERATION IShutter release button . Prop your elbows against your body and hold Ihe camera wilh both hands as shown. When taking vertical pholographs, make sure that the flash is at the top as shown. Important: Take care not to block the lens, flash or autofocus windows with your fingers, hair or the camera strap. 17 BASIC OPERATION I Print aspect ratio Print aspect ratio can be changed at any time during the film roll. Horizontal = 9 : 16 Aspect ratio P-type Vertical : Horizontal = 2 : 3 Aspect ratio Caution: To prevent possible eye injury, hold the camera away from your face when using the selector. Locus indicat~r)h ready-light/inGreen LED (II aries of the print ~nsdl cates the bo undThe exam ple ab pect ratio (page 18) ove shows H type. In (OA m/16 t 19 BASIC OPERATION I Focus and auto flash O ~~~~~ The auto flash symbol "AUTO ~" on the LCD panel indicates that the flash will fire automatically if there is not enough light Make sure that the distance to the subject falls within the flash shooting range. For ISO 200 film , the flash should be used within the following range. Position the subject within the auto· Focus frame marks in the center of the viewfinder. [. . . ] 27 MISCELLANEOUS I Specifications Type of camera IX240 (Advanced Photo System) type autofocus lens-shutter camera with Nikon 25 mm F/4 lens (31 mm converted to 35 mm type) IX240 (Advanced Photo System) film cartridge (16. IX) system (Nuvis mini i) C, Hand P-type available 25 mm F/4 (31 mm converted to 35 mm type); 3 elements in 3 groups Opens/closes automatically with power switch ON/OFF Programmed electronic shutler; also serves as diaphragm blades Infrared-active autofocus system; activated by lightly pressing shutter release button Range from 0. ) to infinity in flash-cancel mode Focus is locked as long as shutter release button is lightly pressed Exposure control Auto exposure range Film speed setting Viewfinder Viewfinder information Real-image viewfinder; frame coverage approx. 28x magnification C/H/P-type image size frames with parallax compensation marks; autofocus frame Green LED (flash ready-lighVin-focus indicator) Lights up: subject focused, flash ready Electronically controlled program AE ISO 200: EV7 -15 (Nuvis mini) ISO 100 and 200 film automatically set; less than ISO 160 fi lm automatically set to ISO 100; more than ISO 200 film automatically set to ISO 200 (Nuvis mini i) ISO 100, 200, 400 and 800 film automatically set; ISO 50 film automatically set to ISO 100; ISO 1600 fi lm automatically set to ISO 800 Usable film Information exchange system Print aspect ratio Lens Lens cover Shutter Focusing 28 MISCELLANEOUS Film operation Drop in loading system; Double Exposure Prevention (DEP); film automatically advances to the first frame after inserting cartridge; film automatically advances one frame after each shot; auto rewind at the end of film roll; mid-roll rewind function Shown on the LCD panel; count-down type Electronically controlled; activated by depressing shutter release button ; 10 seconds duration ; one-shot operation; cancelable Four flash modes available-Auto Flash, Flash-Cancel, Anytime Flash and Slow Sync Flash; guide number 10 (ISO 200 in meter); flash range approx. [. . . ]


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