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[. . . ] Nikon NIKONOS Speedlight ·58-104 FOREWORD Thank you for purchasing the Nikonos Speedlight S8-1 04 . This Speedlight is specially designed for underwater photography and can be used with the Nikonos RS, as well as the Nikonos V and Nikonos IVA When used with the Nikonos RS, it will allow you to take flash pictures at depths of up to 100 meters (328 feet) . Speedlight Parts Buckle Buckle lock Moisture alert light Function selector Switch · Power switch Flash mode selector 'For more details on the above items, see pages 21 - 22 . 3 Distance scale chart Aperture scale chart Aperture scale chart release lever Screw securing distance scale chart Joint leg Joint hole Sync socket Sync socket cap Standby switch Battery positioning axis Battery chamber Buckle hook Battery positioning notch Battery chamber cap Hinge Terminal 4 Flash head positioning index Wrist joint Sync cord Plug locking ring Sync cord Stopper pin Arm Grip Shoulder joint release button Shoulder joint lock Standard bracket Front Bracket Front positioning index Shoulder joint knob Camera mounting knob Cord fastening hanger Standard accessories (S8-104 standard set) -Standard arm and bracket set SK-104 -Sync cord (with cap) -O-ring grease and screws set 5 Main Features • Matrix Balanced Fill· Flash Photography (Nikonos RS only) Brightness of flash exposure on the foreground subject is automatically balanced with the ambient light of the background. The Nikonos R8's shutter release is triggered when the 8B·104's built·in slave sensor detects the flash from another speedlight. • Flash Slave The 8B·104 fires simultaneously when another speed light is fired through its built·in slave sensor. [. . . ] If the Speedlight will not be used for a long period of time, be sure the power switch is OFF before storing. I 38 Alert Signal A warning is indicated when any of the lamps in the illustration starts blinking. Look up the cause of the problem below and follow the procedures given to fix it. Ready-light blinks. If the exposure is not sufficient when the flash is fired at fu ll output, the 8 8-1 04's ready-light blinks for about three seconds to alert you immediately after the flash is fired in TTL mode. (The ready-light in the viewfinder will also blink. ) -In th is event, reduce the distance between the camera and the subject, or select a smaller f-number. +Note Flash power may vary due to surrounding conditions - with unusually dark subjects, for exampl e - even thoug h flash shooting distance settings are the same. A warning may thus appear if the subject is at the far end of the flash shooting distance range but still within it. Moisture alert light blinks. This alert indicator blinks when water has entered the battery chamber. Operation of the 8 8-104 stops automatically. -Bring the Speedlight to a Nikon service center to have it checked . 39 Heat alert light blinks. When the interior of the 88-104 overheats due to successive firing of the flash or other factors, the heat alert light blinks. Operation of the 88-104 stops automatically. - The flash can be used again after it has cooled down and the lamp has stopped blinking . Electrical alert light blinks. If one or both flash tubes did not fire, the electrical alert light blinks to alert you . -Bring the Speedlight to a Nikon service center to have it checked. +Note Each time the flash is fired, the SB-104 checks to be sure both flash tubes have fired normally. If both flash tubes fires abnormally, the Flash Abnormal ity lamp blinks after firing. If the lamp blinks even though the SB-104 has fired , one of the two flash tubes is defective. If the shutter is released before the readylight goes on , the flash will not fire and the flash abnormality lamp will blink. However, there is no abnormality in this case. 40 Reading the Exposure Calculation Chart The 88-104 comes with one flash shooting distance scale chart and three aperture scale charts -~r-'r (by film speeds). . . . . . . . , . , , . -- - -F speed ilm Distance scale- - - IH -- +ltt---tI11 HlHIf-f---f-IHH- Aperture scale chart release lever S crew securing distance --=s::~~~~~~=¥~ scale chart '>?"-r--~II<---- Correct aperture value at M1/16", "M Full", "M 1/4 " Changing the distance scale chart and exposure calculation charts Distance scale chart The distance scale is marked in meters (on one side) and in feet (on the other side). When reattaching it, tighten the screws to hold it securely. -Do not tighten the screws too much to avoid damage to the plastic. Aperture scale chart Remove the aperture scale chart by holding down the release lever in the direction of the arrow and insert an aperture scale chart matching the film speed being used. Be sure to peel off protective film on the scale chart before use. 41 Objects underwater appear closer than they actually are. For instance, if the estimated camera-tosubject distance underwater is 1 meter (3. 3 feet), the actual distance is 1. 33 meters (4. 3 feet). The distance scales on the exposure calculation chart and lenses are marked by estimated distances underwater. When you estimate the distance, read the flash shooting distance range from the chart directly. ------. -f-------------__ -:' . . . -. . ~, oPo ; l I I. 3 4 1 Size of object as it appears underwater 2 Actual size of object 3 Distance set on lens 4 Actual or measured distance I In TTL flash mode Read the flash shooting distance range in the "M Full" column on the left of the scale. For example, when shooting a subject underwater at estimated 0. 5 meter (1 . 6 feet) using ISO 100 film, set the aperture to f/22 or larger (smaller f-number) to get the correct exposure. When taking pictures with the arm removed from the bracket Open the aperture one or more steps wider (f/16) than that (f/22) read in the "M Full " column on the left of the scale. 150100 • Important When setting aperture, check the flash shooting distance range first. To obtain the best possible color reproduction , set the aperture to the larger f·number if available. +Note Usable film speed range in TTL mode: ISO 25 to 1000 for the Nikonos RS ISO 25 to 400 for the Nikonos V 42 In manual flash mode The scales from the left indicate "M Full , " " M 1/4, " and "M 1/16. " For example, when shooting a subject underwater at an estimated 0. 5 meter (1. 6 feet) using ISO 100 film, the appropriate flstop at "M Full " is f/22 , at "M 1/4" is f/11, and at "M 1/16" is f/5 . 6 . 150100 • Important In manual mode, set the guide number (M Full, 1/4, or M 1/16) corresponding to the aperture value selected. If the aperture value is set to f/11 (in the above example), set the flash mode selector to " M 1/4. " M +Note The exposure calculation chart is effective only when the 88-104 is mounted on the standard arm with the standard bracket. 43 In manual mode. you can determine the correct flstop using the following equation : flstop = __-" ui_ e _n_ _ b_r_ _ g_ d_ um e flash-to-subject distance See table below for the guide number at various film speed. Guide number at various film speed Light output M M M m (ft) 100 16 (53) 8 (26) Underwater shooting 18025 8 (26) 4 (13) 2 (7) 50 11 (36) 5. 6 (18) 2. 8 (9) 64 12 (39) 6 (20) 3 (10) 200 400 800 22 (72) 11 (36) 1000 25 (82) 12 (39) Full 22 (72) 32 (105) 45 (148) 50 (164) 11 (36) 16 (53) 8 (26) 1/4 1/16 4 (13) 5. 6 (18) m (tt) I Light output M M M On-land shooting 18025 16 (52) 8 (26) 50 22 (72) 11 (36) 64 100 200 22 (72) 11 (36) 400 800 1000 Full 25 (82) 32 (105) 45 (148) 64 (210) 90 (295) 101 (331) 12 (39) 16 (52) 6 (20) 8 (26) 32 (105) 45 (148) 50 (164) 16 (52) 22 (72) 25 (82) 1/4 1/16 4 (13) 5. 6 (18) _ Caution - Guide numbers under water vary according to water conditions. open the aperture 1/2 to 1 step wider (smaller f-number) than the aperture val ue obtained in the above equation to compensate for the different angle of reflection . Nikon recommends you to take various pictures with different apertures by adjusting the camera-to-subject distance . • Important If the camera-to-subject distance is actually measured underwater. [. . . ] When the interior of the S8-104 overheats, the heat alert light blinks and operation of the S8-104 stops automatically. I Prevent dirt, mud, sand, dust, water, salt, or other foreign matter from entering the Speed light. The Speedlight can be damaged if foreign matter finds its way inside the battery chamber. 64 Take care not to splash water into the battery chamber or onto the Nied batteries. When changing batteries, be sure not to accidentally splash water into the battery chamber or onto the NiCd battery unit SN-104. Nikon recommends keeping the batteries in the plastic case provided until they are needed. If a lot of water enters the battery chamber, the moisture alert light will light up and the Speedlight will stop working. [. . . ]


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