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[. . . ] Matrix Balanced Fill-Flash creates a pleasing, natural effect by fil ling in harsh shadows and bringing out subject detail-without losing the correct background exposure. For detai ls, be sure to read the SB-20 instruction manual and you r camera instruction manual. Refer to the tables below for usable flash modes in each cameral SB-20 combination . When using the SB-20's AF illuminator with AF Nikkor lenses, the foca l length is from 24 to 105mm. [. . . ] 31 Guide Number See the table at right for guide numbers of the film speeds and zoom settings. in M mode , use the following equation to determine aperture: flstop = - - : : : . - - - - - - flash-to-subject distance With ISO 400 film and the zoom set knob at N, the S8-20's guide number is 60(m) for full output. 5 (30) (21) (15) T 32 SETTING POWER S W I T C H I - - - - - - - - - - - With other cameras : Though the ON position is normally recommended for turning on the flash unit, STBY can also be used. With other Nikon cameras, even if the camera's exposu re meter stays on , the SB-20 au tomatically turns off when not used for one or two minutes. To turn on again, set power switch to ON or OFF posi tion, then reset to STBY. For convenience, you may also push the open-flash button to turn on the SB-20. sTBY (STAN OBY) Position Use to conserve energy and shorten recycling time. ON Position With cameras other than the Nikon F· 301/N2000, FA, FE2, and FG: This position is normally used to turn on the SB-20. With the Nikon FA, FE2, and FG: To turn on the SB-20 when using mechanical shutter settings (M250, M90 or B), set power switch to ON . 3011 N2000, FA, FE2, and FG: Use the SB-20's STBY position to turn on the SB-20. In STBY position, when the camera's meter turns off, in one or two minutes the SB -20 turns off automatically. To turn the SB-20 on again, lightly press the camera's shutter release button. Note: When the Nikon FA or FE2 is connected to Nikon Motor Drive MD-12 via a remote cord, the camera's meter stays on and the 58-20 remains on at 5TBY position. OFF Position When not using the flash unit, always set the power switch to OFF position. 33 READY-LIGHT INDICATIONS-----------5 7 10 15 20 3D 4050 F3-series FA F-501 /N2020, F-301/N2000 When the fl ash unit is turned on, the S8-20's ready-light lights up to indicate the flash is ready to fire. To activate the viewfinder ready-light fu nction when using the Nikon FA, FE2, F-501 / N2020, F-401 / N4004, F-301/ N2000, FG, or FG-20, first turn on the camera's meter by lightly pressing the shutter release button . With alka line-manganese batteries, if the ready-l ight takes more than 30sec. 34 Ready-Ught Warning Functions To prevent errors, the ready-light inside the camera's viewfinder blinks in the cases listed below. When blinking occurs, check the S8-20's flash mode selector setting, the camera's shutter speed/mode selector setti ng or film speed sett ing and adjust as necessary. 1) When S8-20 is set at TTL with cameras other than Nikon F-501lN2020, F-401 / N4004, F-301 /N2000, FA, FE2, or FG. 2) When using the FA, FE2, or FG to perform TTL automatic flash photography with the camera 's shutter speed dial set at a mechanical setting (M250, M90 or 8) Reset shutter speed dial to another shutter speed setting. [. . . ] Continuous use Batteries are drained much more quickly by continuous use than by intermittent use. Storage Store batteries in a cool, dry place below 20°C (68° F). Battery brand Do not mix battery brands or model numbers, or new and old batteries. Disposal Do not dispose of batteries by burning, and never disassemble batteries. [. . . ]


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