User manual NIKON WP-N1( 1 J1, J2)

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[. . . ] Àを(会社の場合は会社名と部署名も)明確にお書きください。 Jp ■修理を依頼される場合は ・ ニコンサービス機関(裏面に記載の「修理センター」など) 、ご購入店、または最寄りの販売店 にご依頼ください。 ・ ニコンサービス機関につきましては、 詳しくは 「ニコン サービス機関のご案内」 をご覧ください。 ■補修用性能部品について このウォータープルーフケースの補修用性能部品(その製品の機能を維持するために必要な部品) の保有年数は、製造打ち切り後 7 年を目安としています。 ・ 修理可能期間は、部品保有期間内とさせていただきます。なお、部品保有期間経過後も、修理 可能な場合もありますので、ニコンサービス機関またはご購入店へお問い合わせください。火 災、落下等による故障または破損で全損と認められる場合は、修理が不可能となります。なお、 この故障または破損の程度の判定は、ニコンサービス機関にお任せください。 18 En WP-N1 Waterproof Case User's Manual i Thank you for your purchase of a WP-N1 waterproof case for Nikon 1 J1 and J2 digital cameras. The WP-N1 is waterproof to a depth of 40 m (130 ft), allowing pictures to be taken underwater or in rain or snow. This manual has been written to help you enjoy taking pictures using the waterproof case. Keep this manual where all those who use the product will read it, and be sure to read both it and the camera manual thoroughly before use. [. . . ] If the case is sealed, changes in air pressure may damage the case or prevent the case from opening. High Altitudes When travelling from high to low altitudes, open the case periodically to equalize the pressure. If the case is kept sealed, changes in air pressure may damage the case or prevent it from opening. 17 En vii Introduction Refer to this section for the names of the supplied accessories and the parts of the waterproof case. Package Contents Confirm that the package contains the items listed below. Zoom gear sleeve Front cap En WP-N1 (with O-ring in place; check that O-ring is undamaged before use) Inner-reflection prevention ring Silica gel desiccant (1 package of 5; reseal after opening) O-ring remover Front cap strap User's Manual (this manual) Warranty WP-AN1000 strap Silicon grease 1 Parts of the WP-N1 11 10 1 8 2 3 4 5 6 1 Movie-record button . 3, 17 6 ⌀67 mm filter attachment thread * Control direction is the reverse of the camera W control. 8, 15 A The Accessory Shoe The accessory shoe is used for underwater flash units (0 17) and other accessories; see the documentation provided with the accessories for information on attachment and removal. Remove accessories from the accessory shoe when transporting the waterproof case on land. 10 4 & (feature) button 5 Monitor window 6 E (self-timer) button 7 G (menu) button 8 10 9 En 8 M (flash mode) button 9 O (delete) button 10 J (OK) button 11 E (exposure compensation) button 12 K (playback) button 13 A (AE-L/AF-L) button 14 $ (display) button A Attaching the Front Cap Strap A Attaching the Strap 3 Using the Buckle Follow the steps below to unlatch or latch the case. Unlatching the Case Keeping the buckle release button pressed (q), open the buckle (w) and then open the rear cover (e). Latching the Case Close the case (q) and flip the buckle onto the front half (w), then press the buckle closed until it clicks into place (e). 5 Preparing the Camera Prepare the camera for underwater photography. Keeping the retractable lens barrel button pressed (q), rotate the zoom ring to extend the lens (w). Note that the camera will turn on automatically when the lens is extended; turn the camera off before proceeding to Step 3. En Align the slot on the inside of Slide the sleeve straight onto the lens, stopping when the sleeve with the retractable overlaps . After attaching the sleeve, adjust its position so that the zoom ring rotates freely. If the ring is not attached, the lettering on the front of the lens may appear in photographs, having been reflected from the inside of the lens window. Center the camera in the camera guides with the lens positioned in the lens window. Camera guides D The Camera Strap To ensure that the camera strap does not get caught in the seal and cause a leak, be sure to remove the strap before placing the camera in the case. En D Underwater Flash Units (0 17) The underwater flash unit will only fire when the camera’s built-in flash is raised; after placing the camera in the case, raise the built-in flash, but note that the flash will fire with every shot taken. Be sure to lower the built-in flash when using the case without an underwater flash unit. [. . . ] 13 Maintenance This section describes how to maintain the O-ring and waterproof case. caring for the O-Ring The WP-N1 uses an O-ring to form a watertight seal. Check the condition of the O-ring as described below before each use, and check for the presence of foreign objects on the O-ring each time the case is opened, however briefly. En D Do Not Use Force or Sharp Objects The case may leak if the O-ring is forcibly stretched or damaged through the use of edged or pointed objects, including fingernails and metal tools. [. . . ]


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