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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Wireless Transmitter User's Manual No reproduction in any form of this manual, in whole or in part (except for brief quotation in critical articles or reviews), may be made without written authorization from NIKON CORPORATION. Printed in Japan SB1L01(11) 6MWA0711-01 En What the WT-5 Can Do for You This manual describes how to use the WT-5 to connect the camera to a computer or ftp server over a wireless network. Once a connection has been established, you can: 1 Upload existing photos and movies FTP upload Image transfer ftp server See the Network Guide, 041 Computer See the Network Guide, 015 2 Take or browse photos remotely Camera control HTTP server iPhone Camera Control Pro 2 See the Network Guide, 019 Computer See the Network Guide, 022 ii En_01 3 Control multiple cameras Synchronized release See the Network Guide, 045 See “Wireless Connections” (05) for more information. iii En_01 Trademark Information Macintosh, Mac OS, and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. Microsoft, Windows, and Windows Vista are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. All other trade names mentioned in this manual or the other documentation provided with this Nikon product are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. Apple Public Source License This product includes Apple mDNS source code that is subject to the terms of the Apple Public Source License located at URL http://developer. apple. com/opensource/. [. . . ] Image transfer and camera control do not support connection to computers on other networks via a router, Internet ftp connections and ftp servers running third-party software. HTTP Sever Mode Internet connections are not supported in http server mode. Firewall Settings Ports 21 and 32768 through 61000 are used for ftp, ports 22 and 32768 through 61000 for sftp, while image transfer and camera control modes use TCP port 15740 and UDP port 5353. File transfer may be blocked if the server firewall is not configured to allow access to these ports. A A 3 En_01 Connecting the WT-5 q Open the camera’s w Fully insert the WT-5 peripheral connector connector into the cover and rotate it up camera peripheral out of the way. connector. e Rotate the locking wheel to lock the WT-5 in place. D A Power Source The WT-5 is not equipped with a battery or power switch. LED K (glows green) H (flashes green) H (flashes yellow) LED Status Connected. Error. 4 En_01 Wireless Connections Follow the steps below to connect to a wireless network. FTP upload Image transfer/ camera control Install the Wireless Transmitter Utility Step 1: Ready the camera and WT-5 (07) Step 2: Select the WT-5 (08) Step 3: Run the connection wizard (08) Step 4: Adjust network settings (016) Image Transfer, Camera Control, and HTTP Server (019) Pair the camera and computer Connect HTTP server FTP Upload (016) Configure the server 5 En_01 A D Network Guide For information on using a wireless network once the camera and WT-5 are connected, see the network guide supplied with the camera. Choosing a Power Source To prevent the camera powering off unexpectedly during setup or data transfer, use a fully-charged battery or an optional AC adapter designated for use with your camera. For more information, see the camera manual. D The Wireless Transmitter Utility The Wireless Transmitter Utility must be installed on computers connecting to the camera in image transfer or camera control mode. See the network guide supplied with the camera for installation instructions. A A Synchronized Release Network profiles are not required in synchronized release mode. Infrastructure and Ad Hoc Modes Wireless networks may be either infrastructure or ad hoc. Infrastructure mode: Connection via a wireless LAN access point. WT-5 Wireless LAN access point Computer Ad hoc mode: A direct peer-to-peer connection. WT-5 Computer A Wireless LANs These instructions are intended for customers with an existing wireless LAN, and in the case of infrastructure networks assume that the computer and access point are already connected to the network. 6 En_01 Step 1: Getting Ready After starting the computer and logging in, ready the camera and WT-5 as described below. Step 1: Getting Ready 1 Insert a memory card. Turn the camera off and insert a memory card (do not turn the camera off while data are being transferred to the computer). This step can be omitted in camera control mode (0ii). 2 3 Attach the WT-5 (04). Turn the camera on. Rotate the power switch to turn the camera on. Power switch D Removing the WT-5 Turn the camera off, remove the WT-5, and replace the peripheral connector cover. 7 En_01 Step 2: Selecting the WT-5 Select the WT-5 as the network device used by the camera. 1 8 En_01 Step 2: Selecting the WT-5 Display the hardware list. In the setup menu, select Network, then highlight Choose hardware and press 2 to view the hardware list. 2 Select WT-5. Highlight WT-5 and press J to select the highlighted option and return to the network menu. Step 3: The Connection Wizard Follow the on-screen instructions to create a network profile. 1 Display network profiles. In the network menu, highlight Network settings and press 2 to display the profiles list and other network settings. 2 Select Create profile. Highlight Create profile and press 2. Note that if the list already contains nine profiles, you will need to delete an existing profile using the O (Q) button before proceeding. A The Wireless Transmitter Utility The Wireless Transmitter Utility (06) can also be used to create network profiles. See page 33. 3 Start the connection wizard. Highlight Connection wizard and press 2 to start the connection wizard. Step 3: The Connection Wizard 4 Choose a connection type. (03) Highlight a connection type and press 2. 5 Name the new network profile. Enter the name that will appear in the profile list and press J (to use the default name, press J without making any changes). Profile names can be up to 16 characters long. 9 En_01 A Step 3: The Connection Wizard Text Entry The following dialog is displayed when text entry is required. Keyboard area: Use multi selector to highlight letters, press center to select. Text display area: Text appears in this area. To move cursor, press 4 or 2 while pressing W. Use the multi selector to highlight the desired character in the keyboard area and press the center of the multi selector to insert the highlighted character at the current cursor position (note that if a character is entered when the field is full, the last character in the field will be deleted). To exit without completing text entry, press G. 6 Choose a connection method. Highlight the connection method used by the network and press 2. More information can be found on the pages listed below. Search for wireless Choose from a list of networks detected by network the camera. Choose for wireless LAN access points with Push-button WPS push-button WPS. [. . . ] • Default gateway: If the network requires a gateway address, select this option and enter the address supplied by the network administrator. • DNS Server: If a Domain Name Server exists on the network, select this option and enter the address supplied by the network administrator. 41 En_01 12 Enter ftp settings and click Next. The following options will be displayed if you selected FTP upload in Step 8 (036). • FTP path: Choose the folder to which pictures will be uploaded. • Anonymous login: Select this option for anonymous login, or leave this option unchecked to supply a User ID and Password. [. . . ]


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