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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] When battery power is sufficienl, the battery indicator c::» does not appear. 1 ; To save power, the LCD display turns off automatically after approx. At cold temperatures, batteries become weaker and the battery indicator may blink. Other ways to check battery power are with film advance speed or flash recycling time; if either becomes noticeably slower, change battery. [. . . ] 27 If subject is too small to fully cover the autofocus frame marks, the camera may not detect whether fillin flash is necessary; be sure autofocus frame marks cover the entire subject. To select fill-flash intentionally: Press flash mode button twice, then confirm flash indicator ~ in the LCD panel. Next, lightly press shutter release button and confirm flash ready-light comes on, then depress the shutter release button to take the picture. 28 HOW TO USE FOCUS LOCK/UTILIZACION DEL BLOOUEO DE ENFOOUE- - - To compose a picture with a subject outside the autofocus frame marks, use the focus lock 1. Lightly press shutter release button and confirm focus indicator lights up. 29 With the following subjects, focus on another object the same distance from the camera and use focus lock. Press sel f-timer button once and confirm self-timer indicator ~ in the LCD panel. The self-timer ind icator lamp turns on and after the interval selected, the shutter is released. Three seconds before the shutter is released, the indicator lamp starts blinking. To ca ncel the self-timer, press selftimer button a second time and confirm self-timer indicator disappears, or slide power swi tch to turn camera off. Touch 500s QUARTZ DATE lets you select the desired duration for self-timer shooting. To select the duration: (1) Hold self-timer button for about five seconds and confirm ~ starts blinking and "10" appears in frame counter section of the LCD panel. (2) To select another duration, hold the self-timer button in, and press either side of the zoom button. To increase the duration, press tele side of zoom button a few seconds; to decrease the duration, press the wide side of the button. Numbers change in the following increments: 5-10-15-20-25-30 (5 sec to 30 sec). To confirm the duration you have set, lightly press the shutter rel ease button. The duration appears In the frame counter section and ~ or ~::; starts blinking in the LCD panel. Touch 500s QUARTZ DATE Ie perm lie selecclonar la duraclon deseada del dlsparador automatlco. ~ L Lf 32 To take two consecutive self-timer pictures, press the self-timer button twice, then confirm two consecutive self-timer indicators ~~ appear in the LCD panel. After the first shot, the film automatically advances, and after approx. For the first shot, select your desired duration using the same instructions as for single selftimer shooting. Touch SODs QUARTZ DATE offers two different types of continuous shooting - conti nuous shooting and continuous zoom shooting. [. . . ] ) or GN14(meters) at BOmm setting Film counter; battery power indicator; continuous shooting indicator; flash mode indicator; self-timer indicator; continuous zoom indicator; step zoom indicator; image size indicator; exposure compensation indicator; focal length scale Approx. For data back function (Zoom' Touch 5005 QUARTZ DATE) Data Imprint Functions Year/Month/Day, Day/Month/ Year, Month/Day/Year, Day/ Hour/M inute or no imprint, as selected; 24-hr. A month at normal temperatures One lithium (CR2025) battery Power Source 'With fresh battery pack at standard room temperature (20°C [68°F]). 55 No reproduction in any form of this manual, in whole or in part (except for brief quotation in critical articles or reviews) , may be made without written authorization from NIKON CORPORATION. [. . . ]


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