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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Nokia 500 Auto Navigation User Guide 9206144 Issue 1 DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY Hereby, NOKIA CORPORATION declares that this PD-14 product is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 1999/ 5/EC. The product is in conformity with the limits defined in Directive 2004/104/EC (amending Directive 72/245/EEC), Annex I, paragraph 6. 5, 6. 6, 6. 8 and 6. 9. A copy of the Declaration of Conformity can be found at http://www. nokia. com/ phones/declaration_of_conformity/. At the time of production of this document, the FM transmitter part of this product is intended for use in the following countries: Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom. [. . . ] For GPS satellite navigation, place the device in a location with an unobstructed view to the sky. Establishing a GPS connection may take from a couple of seconds to several minutes. The connection time depends on how well the GPS receiver can receive satellite signals. Establishing the connection takes longer if you have not used GPS for several days or are very far away from the last location you used it. If the connection is not good enough for navigation, is displayed; in this case, check that the device has an unobstructed view to the sky. Copy all the navigation files to the Cities folder. Map When the device has a GPS connection, Navigator shows your current location on a map. The map has two modes: tracking mode and browsing mode. 25 Navigator Tracking mode In the tracking mode, the map follows your GPS position and displays the following information: 1. Zoom out 10. Zoom in To browse the map, tap the map to go to the browsing mode. 26 Navigator Browsing mode In the browsing mode, the bottom of the screen is orange, and north is on the top. Zoom in To select a location on the map, zoom the map in or out if necessary, and move the map with your finger until the cursor points to the desired location. You can navigate to the location, add it to a route (Via), save it as a bookmark, or search for points of interest around it. To select a point of interest on the map, move the cursor over the point of interest with your finger. The icon for the point of interest is displayed within brackets, and the name and phone number of the point of interest are shown. To return to the tracking mode or the navigation screen, tap . 27 Navigator Navigate to a destination To navigate to a destination, press the menu key, and tap Navigator > Destination and one of the following: · Address -- you can enter the address of the destination. · Favourites -- you can navigate to a location that you have saved as a favourite. · Contacts -- you can navigate to an address saved with a name in your phonebook (if it contains addresses). Tap the first few letters of the desired name using the displayed keypad. · POI search -- you can search for the desired point of interest. After you have set up the destination, tap calculates the route to the destination. The device 28 Navigator Navigation screen After the device has calculated the route to the destination, the navigation screen is displayed: 1. Current street 10. Current position and direction 11. Zoom out 12. Zoom in When you come to a turn or other manoeuvre, you hear a related voice instruction. Turns and other manoeuvres are indicated with red arrows on the map. 29 Navigator For one-way streets, the allowed direction is indicated with a blue arrow. To stop the navigation, tap . Functions available in navigation screen To use the functions available during navigation, tap the following: . [. . . ] The battery can be charged and discharged hundreds of times, but it will eventually wear out. Recharge your battery only with Nokia approved chargers designated for this device. Use of an unapproved charger may present a risk of fire, explosion, leakage, or other hazard. If a battery is being used for the first time or if the battery has not been used for a prolonged period, it may be necessary to connect the charger, then disconnect and reconnect it to begin charging the battery. [. . . ]


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