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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Nokia reserves the right to make changes to any of the products described in this document without prior notice. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHALL NOKIA BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOSS OF DATA OR INCOME OR ANY SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL, AND CONSEQUENTIAL OR INDIRECT DAMAGES HOWSOEVER CAUSED. THE CONTENTS OF THIS DOCUMENT ARE PROVIDED "AS IS. " EXCEPT AS REQUIRED BY APPLICABLE LAW, NO WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, ARE MADE IN RELATION TO THE ACCURACY AND RELIABILITY OR CONTENTS OF THIS DOCUMENT. NOKIA RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REVISE THIS DOCUMENT OR WITHDRAW IT AT ANY TIME WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE. [. . . ] In standby mode, select Menu > Gallery > View folders > Images, Graphics, Clip-arts, Tones or Recordings > Open. Scroll through the list of images, graphics, clip-arts, tones or recordings, and then select Options > Open, Delete, Edit image, Move, Rename, Set as wallpaper or Set as ring tone, Details, Sort, or Open in sequence. Open the gallery In standby mode, select Menu > Gallery. The following submenus are displayed: View folders--Explore the folders in the gallery menu. Rename folder--Rename a folder you have created. 36 Copyright © 2006 Nokia. Media Radio Your phone has an FM radio that also functions as an alarm clock radio. To listen to the FM radio on your phone, connect a compatible headset to the connector on the top of the phone. A compatible headset needs to be attached to the device for the FM radio to function properly. The quality of a radio broadcast depends on coverage of the radio station in that particular area. Continuous exposure to high volume may damage your hearing. Use the radio With the radio on, select Options and one of the following options: Switch off--Turn the radio off. Automatic tuning--Use the scroll key up or down to start the channel search. Manual tuning--Press the scroll key up or down to search in increments of 0. 1 MHz. Details--Show the name, size, date of creation, length, format, and copyright of the selected recording. Sort--Sort the contents of the selected folder by name, date, format, or size. Copyright © 2006 Nokia. Settings Use this menu to set or change your profiles, personal shortcuts, call settings, phone settings, time and date settings, display settings, tone settings, voice commands, enhancement settings, security settings, network, network services, and to restore the factory settings. Activate a profile 1. Select Activate. Personalise a profile You can personalise any of the profiles a variety of ways. Select the option you want to personalise (Incoming call alert, Ringing tone, Ringing volume, Vibrating alert, Light alert, Message alert tone, Keypad tones, Warning tones, Rhythmic backlight alert, Alert for ). Note: You cannot rename the Normal profile. Profiles Profiles define how your phone reacts when you receive a call or message, how your keypad sounds when you press a key, and more. You can choose from one of the prenamed profiles, or personalise profiles of your own. The following profiles are available: Normal, Silent, Meeting, Outdoor, My profile 1, and My profile 2. Ringing options, keypad tones, and other settings for each of the available profiles can be left at their default setting, or personalised to suit your needs. Profiles are also available for enhancements such as a headset and car kit. 48 for more information about enhancement profiles. 40 Copyright © 2006 Nokia. [. . . ] They include below deck on boats, chemical transfer or storage facilities, vehicles using liquefied petroleum gas (such as propane or butane), and areas where the air contains chemicals or particles such as grain, dust, or metal powders. call. When making an emergency call, give all the necessary information as accurately as possible. Your wireless phone may be the only means of communication at the scene of an accident. Do not end the call until given permission to do so. Emergency calls Important: Wireless phones, including this phone, operate using radio signals, wireless networks, landline networks, and user-programmed functions. [. . . ]


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