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[. . . ] Description of Keys Press and hold the key to switch the phone on and off. Used to enter the menu facility. P W R Used to switch between alpha and numeric modes. Used to confirm a setting in the menu facility. Used to delete characters or clear the entire display. Also used to exit the menu functions. A B C MENU OK wv Used to scroll through menu functions. Also used to adjust the earpiece volume during a call. CLR SEND END 1 4 ghi 2abc 5 jkl 3def 6 mno Used to dial a phone number and answer a call. 7pqrs 8 tuv 9 wxyz 0 # Used to end a phone call. [. . . ] Each number is stored in a NAM (Number Assignment Module). This menu lets you choose which telephone number (NAM) to use. Note that in order to have two different telephone numbers, you must subscribe to them through your cellular operator(s). Note: If only one NAM is programmed into your phone, only that number can be selected from this menu. Note: The phone cannot use both numbers at the same time and you cannot change the number during a call. Note: If your phone is set to your first number, you can only receive calls via that number. You may be able to forward calls from your second number to your first number so you don't miss any calls, if this service is available from your network provider. For more information, please contact your cellular service provider. Menu 14, Calling Card This menu lets you store calling card information in your phone. For making an automatic calling card call, see "Calling Card Call" on page 12. You need to store the calling card information in your phone to use this feature. After you store the information, that option is also the one used when you make Calling Card calls. 32 Select whether your calling card is Card Type A, B, C, or D (described below). Card Type A B Includes these cards Sprint MCI SNET MCI MCI GTE AT&T Sprint PacTel AT&T10 Sprint Ameritech Uses this U. S. A. access number 1-800-877-8000 1-800-950-1022 1-800-555-5321 1-800-888-8000 1-800-674-0700 1-800-225-5483 1-800-225-5288 1-800-277-7468 1-800-522-2020 10288 10333 (press at ACCESS NUMBER?If you select , previously stored calling card data is erased and the phone exits the menu facility. At , enter the telephone number to access your calling card provider then press . When is briefly displayed, the card has been activated, and the previously stored calling card data erased. Note: To exit the menu without changing the calling card settings, press and hold at the prompt. 33 Menu 15, Change Lockcode This lets you change your phone's four-digit lockcode. Enter the lockcode and press . If you enter an incorrect lockcode, the phone displays and exits the menu. When the phone prompts you to the new lock code, reenter the numbers you entered in Step 3 then press . confirms that the lock code has been changed. Menu 16, SID Screen System Identity (SID) screening information can be programmed into your phone by your dealer. SID screening information lists the networks in which the phone can operate. This menu lets you set SID Screening on or off if SID Screening information has been programmed into your phone. Note: If you try to access this menu and no SID screening information has been programmed into your phone, the phone displays and exits the menu. [. . . ] Upon request from NMPI, the Consumer must provide information to reasonably prove the date of purchase. The Consumer shall bear the cost of shipping the Product to the Customer Service Department of NMPI. NMPI shall bear the cost of shipping the Product back to the Consumer after the completion of service under this limited warranty. The Consumer shall have no coverage or benefits under this limited warranty if any of the following conditions are applicable: a) The Product has been subject to abnormal use, abnormal conditions, improper storage, exposure to moisture or dampness, unauthorized modifications, unauthorized connections, unauthorized repair, misuse, neglect, abuse, accident, alteration, improper installation, or other acts which are not the fault of NMPI, including damage caused by shipping and blown fuses. [. . . ]


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