User manual NOKIA BH-217 CAR EDITION

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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Also, read the user guide for the device that you connect to the headset. Keep them out of the reach of small children. Warning: The connector of the clip and car cradle may contain a small amount of nickel. Persons who are sensitised to nickel may have symptoms from prolonged skin contact with the connector. without cables. The headset and the other device do not need to be in line of sight, but they should be within 10 metres (33 feet) of each other. [. . . ] Within about 3 minutes, activate You can pair the headset with up to Bluetooth on your device, and set it eight devices, but you can connect it to search for Bluetooth devices. For to a maximum of two devices at a details, see the user guide of your time. Select the headset from the list of device: found devices. ENGLISH 5. If necessary, enter the passcode 0000 to pair and connect the headset to your device. In some devices, you may need to make the connection separately after pairing. When the headset is connected to at least one device and is ready for use, the blue indicator light flashes slowly. To manually connect the headset to the last used device, press and hold the multifunction key for about 2 seconds (when no other device is connected), or make the connection in the Bluetooth menu of the device. You may be able to set your device so that the headset connects to it automatically. To activate this feature in a Nokia device, modify the paired device settings in the Bluetooth menu. Basic use Change the earpad The headset may be provided with different sized earpads. Select the earpad that fits the best and is the most comfortable for your ear. To change the earpad, pull the current earpad from the earpiece, and push the new earpad into place (7). Place the headset on the ear To use the headset with the earloop, attach the earloop to it (11). You can rotate the earpad to keep the headset securely in the ear (8). For example, if you use the headset on the right ear, you may need to rotate the ENGLISH earpad to the right for the best fit. If you wear an earring, make sure it is not accidentally attached to the earpad. To place the headset on the ear, slide the earloop behind your ear (9), and gently push the earpiece against your ear. Install the car cradle When you install the cradle in a car, make sure it does not interfere with or hinder the steering or braking systems or other systems used in the operation of the vehicle (for example, airbags) or disturb your field of vision while driving. Check that the deployment of the airbag is not blocked or impaired in any way. To install the car cradle, peel off the protective sheet from the cradle, and press the cradle against a flat surface so that it stays firmly in place. Do not install the cradle in a place where you might come in contact with it in the event of an accident or collision. Use the car cradle When you use the headset with the cradle in a car, obey all local laws. Your Store in the clip or car cradle When you do not keep the headset on your ear, store it in the clip or car cradle. When you remove the headset from the clip or cradle, the headset automatically switches on. [. . . ] Precipitation, humidity, and all types of liquids or moisture can contain minerals that corrode electronic circuits. High temperatures can shorten the life of the device, damage the battery, and warp or melt plastics. When the device warms to its normal temperature, moisture can form inside the device and damage electronic circuits. · Only use a soft, clean, dry cloth to clean the surface of the device. [. . . ]


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